Why Indian rummy games are popular?

Rummy games are a very popular game in India for a long time. However, now as they are available on the internet and can be played using a smartphone or laptop the games have gained more popularity. These games act as part-time income for many Indians and also help them to rejuvenate their minds. There are a lot of Indian rummy games available at online sites as well as offline markets that you can play and enjoy.

Different types of rummy games

As this game has been played worldwide for centuries so it has developed various versions and all these types are available on the internet which you can play to relax your mind and earn some money that can be used in real life. Thus, a few versions of rummy games are described in the upcoming fragments.

  • The 13-card rummy is a very famous type and is also known as Indian rummy. This game is played between two to six players and also allows the use of a joker and the joker can be used to substitute for any other card. To declare in this game you need to have two sequences one pure that is without the joker and another impure sequence that is with the joker. To have two sequences players need to meld their cards by picking or discarding them.
  • Another version that is also very popular in India is 21-card rummy or Indian marriage. This game requires 3 decks and each player is given 21 cards with jokers. In this game, you also get cards known as value cards which carry special points and can be used for substitution. This game is long and interesting as compared to 13-card rummy and in this, the players had to make at least 3 pure runs and then meld other cards into a sequence.
  • Gin rummy is one of the rummy games that are popular in European countries in this only two players can play with a single deck that contains 52 cards. This game is also known as the easiest version of rummy games and the players only have to meld cards into three sequences or sets.
  • The 500-rummy or Persian rummy is also very famous in this game 2 to 8 players can play at a single time. The player who made 500 points before other players will win the game. However, if you will meld your cards in proper sequence then you will get points but if they are not then your points will be deducted.

To conclude, there are various versions of the game as this game has been here for centuries and different cultures of people made some changes according to their liking. However, it can be seen that there may be different types of rummy games but the rules of all these variations are almost similar to each other. Thus, if you know any one type of rummy game you can play other types too. 

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