What are the 10 Characteristics of a Modern Computer?

The Characteristics of Modern Computers turned into an extremely well known and more significant section, an undeniable gadget of the present world due to its qualities like right and trustworthy results, high velocity, exactness and so forth.

Following are the qualities of PCs:


PC gadgets, these days, work at an astounding velocity that we couldn’t in fact envision. It works so exceptionally quick as it works utilizing electric signs which run like light-speed. PCs can do billions of computations in a moment.

Unwavering quality:

The present innovation empowers PCs to execute billions of errands in a moment or two. Be that as it may, to get the right result, the information must be right as well. Yield from a PC is dependable to the point that in the event that the result is surprising, it is classified, “Trash in, Garbage out”.


PCs can perform drifting point activity to such countless decimal focuses that the exactness is past anticipated.


As a PC is a machine, not a living being, it never gets worn out. Basically, it can likewise continue to rehash similar undertakings however many times as it is asked as well.


PC accompanies high storage space to capacity to store practically any measure of information in it. Not just that, most PCs have an expandable storeroom alongside outside capacity. PC is quick to such an extent that it likewise requires unnoticeable investment to find the information clients need from this tremendous stockpiling.


While the PC has capacity to store client’s information (for the most part), it additionally accompanies memory (both unpredictable and non-unstable) which is utilized by the actual PC to work quickly. Memory gadgets are costly than stockpiling, consequently however a PC, nowadays, can work with almost 256 GB of recollections, most PCs accompany 8 GB to 16 GB of RAM (unstable memory) or Primary Memory. PC additionally incorporates ROM (non-unpredictable), and Cache recollections of various levels and register recollections. 

No Logical Decision:

PCs can’t think and make choices themselves. Yet, PC projects can be written in a way so it takes sensible choices. However, In any case, it is only the program composed by people, executed by the PC.

No IQ:

The PC has speed, memory, exactness yet it can not work itself. In the event of not being told to do a thing, the PC is only a pointless machine. All its equipment power relies upon coded guidance to play out their activity. In this manner it has no IQ.


PC isn’t simply being used to work out numeric qualities. PC is being used in clinical, logical trials, sight and sound works and so on. PCs cover for the most part every region we can imagine, presently a days.


PC projects can plan errands that a PC can execute with next to no communication. However, PC projects can likewise store strategies which PCs can execute consistently, over and over.

Advantages and downsides of Modern Computers:

Advantages of Modern Computers:

The PC has transformed into a need in our lives. It is the best method for talking with people from one side of the planet to the next. We can without a very remarkable stretch access information from any spot at whatever point. The PC moreover helps us with learning new things.

1. High speed:

One justification for advancement in private fulfillment is the PC’s speed. Assume, you really want to watch a video. You’ll basically go to YouTube and find the normal video quickly.

2. Accuracy:

People make bumbles. In this way, while complex calculations, we check once with the analyst. How PCs are inconceivably exact makes them exceptionally strong.

3. Computerization:

A lot of tasks can be motorized, saving a lot of time. For example, instead of truly resolving specific characteristics like mean, center of a gigantic dataset, we just use achievement. This saves a lot of time ensuring 100% accuracy.

4. Limit:

Limit cutoff of PCs is normally in Giga-Bytes(GBs) or more. We can store accounts, pictures, games, etc on our PC and access it actually directly following downloading it.

5. Clear passage:

Assume we really want to glance through a book in a library and we don’t understand anything except for the name of the book. It would be a difficult task.

6. Playing out numerous undertakings:

Playing out numerous undertakings suggests working on various tasks meanwhile. Accept you read an article on the web and you need to record the ramifications of the words that are new.

7. Better perception of data:

A PC maintains bundles of gadgets for data examination and mining. Affiliations use this benefit of PCs to help data assessment and insight strong for bearing.

8. Lessened Cost for Online Ventures:

Sensible Computers and Laptops with web networks are an assistance for new organizations that work on the web. Just they need a gathering with workstations and a web network with an item license relevant to their industry.

Disadvantages of Modern Computers:

Computers are phenomenal instruments, yet they have their weights also. They can be slow, conniving, and exorbitant. They similarly need consistent help and updates.

1. Online Cyber-Crimes:

Moreover with any device, advanced infringement occurs in PCs. Data taking is one of the critical risks in the domain of PCs. It could occur on the web or through disengaged removable devices like that of a USB.

2. Clinical issues:

 Eye strain, headache, back torture, etc are some of them.

3. Fake News:

Laptops enable a wide bunch of data sharing decisions. In any case, this transforms into a mode for getting out tricky words.

4. E-waste:

After the usage of PCs, it is just a sort of e-waste. This contributes unfavorably by conveying pernicious unsafe materials.

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