Various ideas to use custom washi tapes.

When it comes to hobbies and spending your free time, a lot of us like to journal. It is a great way to document your best memories and record all your day activities, something to look back in future. A lot of people journal to develop this habit of remembering things.

However, writing on a blank notebook is a bit boring these days, so custom washi tape is a great idea when it comes to decorating and making your journal or notebook fun and attractive. You can design and make according to your choice with these amazing and diverse designs. This is an example of a very wholesome custom washer tape.

washi tape is that?

Originally from Japan, washi tape is a kind of ornamental masking tape with a wide variety of uses. It’s crafted from all-natural materials including bamboo, hemp, and rice paper.

Uses of custom washi tape:

As mentioned earlier you can use washi tapes to decorate your journals and notebooks. Not only this, custom washi tape are vastly used in gifts packing. We all love gifts with cute packaging. When packing a gift for your loved one, you can use these lovely custom washi tapes to wrap your loved one in a great surprise and joy.

Washi tapes as fun stickers:

The best thing about custom washi tape is that you can choose your own design and cut the tape into shapes you like and stick it on your books, cabinets, and toys. The most attractive factor of these is the variety of designs.

Greeting cards:

Many people like to make their own greeting cards in order to show their sincerity during festivals. At this time, using custom washi tape is a good option. You can decorate the edges and stick small stickers on envelopes and greeting cards. This can make the whole card attractive and give the recipient more surprises.

Make your own washi tapes:

It is not hard to make your own washi tapes. You just need scissors, a double sided tape, wax paper and any design you want, it can either be a napkin or tissue paper etc. Spread the double sided tape on wax paper and cut them out, then place your napkin on any tissue on them and it will stick on the tape. Keep sticking as long as you want and then cut the tape. This way you can create various designs on your choice and even use them to sell and make other people’s day fun and exciting too!

According to the above summary, it is found that there are still so many uses for custom tape. Do you have a further understanding of it?

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