Prepare Your Cat for an Outdoor Stroller Ride in 4 Easy Steps

A cat stroller is a perfect product for a cat that loves fresh air and change of scenery often. Imagine taking your cat out for a walk in a stroller, and people meet and greet both of you with a smile and exclaim, “How cute it is, looks like the baby cat loves the stroller ride!”. Wouldn’t that be just amazing?

At the same time, the stroller can be a magnificent idea if your feline pet hates to walk on a leash or feels grumpy about being cooped up in a cat backpack. Even otherwise, strollers are brilliant options for cat owners caring for anxious, older, injured, and notorious cats. It offers more space than a cat carrier and allows the human parents to exercise control over their munchkin.

Still, there is no ruling out the idea of a cat quickly jumping out at the sight of a swiftly moving squirrel or swooping bird. If there are no safety straps or mesh screens in a cat stroller, there is a high possibility of a cat jumping out at any moment. To avoid such scenes, be vigilant while wheeling outdoors and consider being prepared with pet insurance for cats should something untoward happen on the road.

Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance, so your furry baby is adequately covered. Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to prepare your cat before taking that stroller ride outdoors.

Cat stroller basics

It is one solution to provide a safe opportunity for your cat to explore the outdoors. Strollers immensely help with mental stimulation as cats get to discover new places in a protected environment. They are manufactured in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even check out strollers with storage or double-decker options if you have some gear to carry or have many pets to walk around.


It is worth noting that training your cat to use the stroller doesn’t take as much effort needed to leash train it. Still, avoid surprises and let your cat have a glimpse into what is about to happen during its first long walk beforehand by having a few brief mock sessions at home.

Step 1: Allow your cat to touch and feel the new stroller. Let it spend some time sniffing the product and register that object in its mind.

Step 2: Place your cat’s favorite blanket, cushion, toys, and treats inside and allow it to sit in the basket for some time, playing with its loved things.

Step 3: If there is a mesh screen, zip it up and slowly move the stroller into the living room or garden. Now and then, check if your cat is getting nervous or not. Start with short trails and increase the time as your munchkin gets comfortable with the ride.

Step 4: Take your cat outside in the stroller and observe your cat for signs of panic or distress.

Depending on your cat’s personality, you can consider using a leash or stroller while taking your furball outside. Your cat doesn’t need to be doomed to live an indoor life, it needs enrichment, and you can provide it in a safe environment like a stroller.

However, cats can get into a lot of trouble, whether indoors or outdoors, which is why you must consider purchasing pet insurance for cats. The best pet insurance is comparatively costly but offers broader-ranging health benefits. So, explore some of the best pet policies  online.

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