How to Rotate and Save a PDF in PDF Drive: The Definitive Guide

Every business requires saving and archiving files regularly. Whether it’s a financial plan or your client contracts, the need to record information is vital. But how do you go about saving a file in the first place? It might seem like an obvious question, but there’s actually a lot of flexibility when it comes to saving files on different platforms. Depending on your needs and the features of your chosen software, you can save files in a few different ways. This article will highlight everything you need to know about how to rotate and save a PDF in PDF Drive.

What is a PDF file?

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format.” This is a standard method of storing documents, which is intended for distribution and long-term storage. This format was first created in the 1980s and was developed by Adobe and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). PDF files are complete and self-contained, which makes them very portable. This makes them excellent for sharing and distributing documents. You can easily email PDFs, send them via FTP, or post them to social media sites like Facebook or other platforms. You can also save them and add annotations to them, which makes them a great option for collaborators, clients, and anyone else who needs to keep track of documents.

Why Use PDF Drive?

PDF Drive is an inexpensive cloud-based file storage solution. It lets you exchange and work on files with everyone, whether they’re in the same workplace or halfway over the country. PDF Drive is safe to use and it has a simple user-friendly ui. Your documents can be uploaded to PDF Drive and accessed from a variety of portable devices, such as Computers, tablets, even mobile phones.

PDF Drive, in addition to keeping data, makes it possible to share pdfs with other users with the tap of a “share” button. You may also installed protected accessibility to keep records of your crucial data. You can give other people access to that PDFs only when they use a password if you activate secure remote access. It is quite handy for all of us and can help minimize our jobs.

How to Rotate a PDF in PDF Drive?

Rotating a PDF file is a common task that can be done with a proper tool such as PDF Drive or from the browser itself. Once a PDF is in rotation, you can view it from any angle and then save it in a new orientation. This is useful because you can save the paper quality and resolution of the original file. This will likely be more than sufficient for printing the document if you’re printing in black and white or a smaller size for emailing. To rotate a PDF, you can use pdf editor:

  • Find the document you want to rotate.
  • And then, right-click it.
  • Next, select “Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.”
  • You can also rotate a PDF from the context menu, which will appear if you hover over the document.

How to Save a PDF in PDF Drive?

If you need to store a PDF file, rotating and saving it in PDF Drive can be a great solution. Once you save a PDF in PDF Drive, it’s listed in the “docs” folder of your PDF Drive account. You can then find the file from this folder, add it to a team project, or share it with a client. If you need to keep a PDF up-to-date with revisions and edits, you can do this in PDF Drive. And here’s how to save a PDF in PDF Drive:

  • First, find the original PDF file in the PDF Drive “Docs” folder.
  • Then, right-click it and select “Save as a different format.”
  • You can then use the folder’s navigation menu to add a new document.
  • And then select the PDF as the format.

Keep Files Up-to-Date With Versioning

When saving a PDF in PDF Drive, it will save it with versioning. This allows you to save a copy of the PDF with a date and time stamp. This is useful if you need to share or collaborate on a document with your teammates. You can then open any of the versions of the PDF, make edits, and then save them with the new notes. Versioning is basic functionality of PDF Drive, but it’s a useful feature to have when storing files. It’s especially useful for team collaboration and sharing documents with clients and stakeholders.

Save and Organize your Files With Folders

Another great way to save a PDF in PDF Drive is to create folders for each type of file you need to keep track of. This can help you keep track of contracts, financial plans, and any other type of document that you need to save. Here’s how to create folders on PDF Drive:

  • To create a folder, right-click the folder you want to create and select “New > Folder.”
  • Then, rename the folder with a name that is as descriptive as possible. It will make it easier to find the file when you’re looking for it.
  • To add a file to a folder in PDF Drive, find the file in the “Docs” folder and select it.
  • Then, click the folder you want to add the file to. This will add the file to the selected folder.


PDFs are a great way to save documents, but rotating them and saving them in new orientations can cause image distortion and file corruption. To avoid this, you can use a PDF Drive rotation tool. By rotating a PDF, you can view it from any angle and then save it with a new orientation. You can also use a PDF rotation tool to rotate PDFs and save them in a new format.

Another way to save a PDF is to save it in PDF Drive. It will let you keep a file up-to-date and create a version history of the text. You can also save a PDF in PDF Drive by creating folders for each type of file. It lets you keep track of contracts, financial plans, research papers and any other kind of document that you need to save.

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