How to draw Elf on the shelf

How to draw Elf on the shelf. Draw a great elf on the shelf with simple drawing instructions and step by step and a tutorial. The Elf on the shelf started as a children’s book published in 2005, entitled The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition. The story tells the story of a “scout -lf” sent by Santa Claus to watch the children of Thanksgiving on Christmas Eve. Every night, the elves report that the children were mean or kind.

The book is accompanied by a small soft elf with which the family can maintain this tradition in their own house. Every evening, the elf is moved to another place, and every morning, the children play a game to find where it is hiding. The elf on the shelf appeared in an animated television program entitled “The story of an elf: the elf on the shelf.” The product range has been extended to include other elf dolls, in “elf pet” plush and a birthday book.

A Jewish counterpart called Mensch was released on a bench for Hanukkah celebrations. Would you like to draw the Elf on the shelf? This simple ELF drawing tutorial and step-by-step are there to help you. Everything you need is a pencil, a pen or a marker and a sheet of paper. You can also color your completed drawing.

Drawing Elf on the shelf

Step 1:

First, shoot the heads of the elves. Start with a long curved line to describe the shape of the face and jaw. Use a line formed “C” to begin the ear and another curved line to continue the hair. Use another long curved line to create the top of the head. Then use many curved lines that meet in points to describe the shape of the hair on the forehead.

Step 2:

Draw a curved line under your head to close your neck. Develop two curved lines of the neck. Then connect the ropes with a zigzag line and form the elf clothing collars.

Step 3:

Develop a long curved line on one side of the collar. Double the line on itself until it almost reaches the pass. It is the arm of the elves. Then draw a curved line at the end of the arm to display your hand.

Step 4:

Draw two long curved lines on the opposite side of the collar. Allow them to hit the first arm so that the two arms overlap. Draw a curved line on the bottom of the arm to form your hand.

Step 5:

Draw a curved line that falls from the arms of the elf to implement the upper body.

Step 6:

Use curved lines to express the curved legs and fill the space between the upper body and the arms. Extend two curved lines under your double hands. Tie the shapes with curved lines to differentiate your legs and feet.

Step 7:

Use a long curved line to lock a curved shape on the head of the elves. Add a curved triangle to it. It forms the pointed hat of the elves.

Step 8:

The smiling side of the elves in detail. Use curved lines to create the mouth, nose, inner ear, and eyebrows. Use circles for red-eyed cheeks and ovals for the eyes. Take the students and use small curved lines to display the eyelashes.

Step 9:

How to draw Elf on the shelf

Give the elves a shelf on which you can sit down. Draw straight lines on an inclined rectangle below. Draw short lines from each corner and connect them with long straight lines, which gives the shelf a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 10:

How to draw Elf on the shelf

Color your team on the shelf. Its outfit is generally red with white details.

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