What Will Be the Dash Price in the Future?

Dash is the first cryptocurrency based on the properties of anonymity and privacy. The Bitcoin code was taken as the base, but the founders transformed it using a unique encryption algorithm, which ensures the untraceability of transactions.

That’s why this technology attracts pro investors from all over the world. Want to be a part of this community? Then you definitely need to know the long-term Dashcoin price prediction!

Dash in Numbers

The first token was mined on January 18, 2014. The issue of coins occurs as a result of mining, which is characterized by:

  • Gradual increase in the difficulty of mining new coins.
  • Decreased reward for computing a block (by 7.14% per every 210,240 blocks).

As of August 2022, there are 10,8 million coins in free circulation, which is about 58% of the possible number. Unlike BTC, it is impossible to calculate the exact mining limit of this cryptocurrency. According to various estimates, mining will be possible until 2246-2247. The maximum number of coins will be from 17,700,000 to 18,900,000.

The beginning of the coin emission was accompanied by a discussion about the possible deception of users by the founder of the project. Already in the first 3 days of the existence of the token, more than 10% of the coins were mined. The main developer, Evan Duffield, stated that this was due to a technical glitch, although critics accused him of premining and not transparently distributing the first coins.

Other important numbers that will help you understand whether this coin is right for your portfolio include:

  • Market cap — $582,525,920
  • Price now — $53.61
  • Daily trading volume — $88,654,459
  • ATH — $1,642.22
  • ATL — $0.2139

Dash Price History

The Dash cryptocurrency appeared on exchanges in February 2014. The initial price of the coin was only $0.21, and the market capitalization exceeded $1.2 million.

Until January 2017, the price of the coin was within $10, then its rapid growth was observed. One of the reasons for this increase in price, in addition to the general hype, can be called cooperation with Apple, which added the Dash cryptocurrency to the App Store. 

In September 2017, the Dash coin appeared on the exchange. In the future, Dash continued to grow after being placed on the OKEx crypto exchange on November 13, 2017; on this day, the value of the coin was $427. This news caused an unprecedented interest in Dash from Asian investors, who began to invest large sums in it.

On December 21, 2017, Dash hit its highest mark of $1,622, which was a pleasant surprise for traders, when the market capitalization was over $11 billion. This incredible growth was the result of network upgrades, after which the block size increased to 2 MB, transaction fees decreased, and the confidentiality of transactions was enhanced.

Bitcoin’s rise to $20,000 was also a factor driving Dash’s price up in December 2017.

On January 7, 2018, the coin rate again surprised with its rise, taking the mark of $1,285. This next price jump coincided with the news that the Dash company became a sponsor of one of the best MMA fighters — Rory McDonald.

Despite the fact that Dash was in the top 20 best coins according to CoinMarketCap for a long time, in 2021, it was forced out by new coins with more promising technologies, especially from the DeFi sector. Therefore, now its price is at its bottom of ~$50.

Dash Price in 2025

Experts don’t believe that Dash will go beyond its 2017 mark of $1,600. BitcoinWisdom is sure that the coin’s value will be somewhere between $216-$273.

In case of a successful passage through a coming recession, we can expect 5-6x in 2025. However, if the US government reconsiders its politics about anonymous technologies, then traders will instantly pump this coin up to $2,000-$5,000.

Dash Price in 2030

Despite numerous concerns, analysts expect that cryptocurrency will become widespread in many sectors. Thus, the maximum price of DASH in 2030 is predicted to be $529 in the event of a bull market. And if Dash’s older brother hits $100,000, investors will see no less than 10x in their portfolios.


As long as Dash is quite an old crypto, we have to allocate more time for its growth. Set only long-term goals for this coin and don’t panic in case of negative price fluctuations.

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