What to Gift Mom to Be On Her Baby Shower?

Every mother’s dream is to give birth to a healthy baby and raise it with love and care. You can make her dream come true by gifting some stuff that will be useful for both mom and baby.

Baby Monitor

So, you are looking for baby shower ideas for the mom-to-be? You can never go wrong with a baby monitor! The baby monitor is one of those items that are useful but not super exciting. It’s also an item that most parents never want at their own showers (because they don’t want to think about being a parent yet) or even after their kids are born (because they already have one).

However, there are lots of cool features on monitors these days that make them more than just a glorified audio/video intercom system. They have temperature sensors and vibration alerts as well as cameras so you can check your napping baby from wherever you are in the house. There is even talk about including a wi-fi connection so that if your internet goes down, you still have access via a cell phone data plan – pretty amazing!

Baby first aid kit

You should include a thermometer, scissors, and tweezers in the first aid kit. The container should be portable. You can go for a small bag or box so that it is easy to carry around. It is also a good idea to include some adhesive bandages and antiseptic cream in the kit. Make sure that you have an emergency contact number written on a piece of paper inside the kit so that anyone can reach out if required.

A baby carrier or sling

A baby carrier is an excellent gift for a mom-to-be. If your friend is going to have a baby, she’ll probably need one because the baby will be too young to hold and can’t walk yet.

A good carrier should be comfortable for both the mom and the baby. It should also be easy to use and carry around when you go out with your child in it. For example, a well-made product should include safety straps that keep the child snugly in place without squeezing them too much or causing pain or discomfort while they’re worn on your body (especially important if they’re wearing it all day).

As per a party supply professional, Party City, “Delight the parents-to-be with the sweetest baby shower decorations and supplies.” It could be a good idea too!

Toys and Chewable objects

You can gift toys and chewable objects to the mom-to-be. She will be happy with it as she can use them when the baby arrives. Through these gifts, the baby will learn colors, shapes, numbers, etc. The toys should be soft and non-toxic, so they are safe for babies to play with. There are many toys available in the market that have a variety of features like lights, music etc. These types of toys are trendy among children as they attract them towards it easily.


These are some of the gifts that you can give a Mom-to-be at her baby shower. You can also choose to give her something else, depending on your budget and choice.

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