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Lab Grown Diamond Jewelery Collection

Lab grown diamonds are created in laboratories as an alternative to mined diamonds and they are becoming more popular each year. Lab-grown diamonds offer consumers the same beauty and durability as mined diamonds without the ethical, environmental and financial risks associated with mining.

However, even with their growing popularity, there remains much confusion about lab-grown diamonds – especially since lab-grown diamond producers have begun using incorrect terms to describe their products and lab-grown diamond scams are now commonplace on the internet.

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lab grown diamond Pendants

Natural diamonds are mined from deep beneath the Earth’s surface and are extremely rare. That makes them very expensive, especially if they have a rare color or high quality.

Because of that, more and more people have been turning to lab-grown diamonds as an affordable option. The good news is that you can buy a lab-grown diamond that has every bit as much luster, sparkle, and fire as a natural one for about half the price.

Plus, there’s something really special about knowing it was grown in a laboratory using human ingenuity instead of in nature over thousands of years. So if you love diamonds but don’t love how expensive they are — or if you want something unique — consider buying a lab-grown diamond!

lab grown diamond necklaces

Are you searching for a great gift for your woman, but you can’t seem to find it anywhere? Do you want to give her something she will cherish and wear over and over again without ever getting tired of it? If that sounds like what you’re looking for then I suggest that you get her a lab grown diamond necklace.

These necklaces are stunning in quality and they look more expensive than they actually are. The diamonds are beautiful, bright, lively and don’t have any flaws within them. The overall craftsmanship is also excellent so if that’s important to you, then these pieces won’t disappoint at all.

lab grown diamond bracelets

Whether you are looking for an anniversary gift or just want to add to your own collection, lab grown diamond Pendants are perfect for you. They are stunning and durable and a great way to spend less on jewelry but not compromise quality.

Take a look at lab grown diamond Pendants today! They can be ordered in any color and you can also purchase them in gold or platinum as well if that is what you prefer.

lab grown diamond rings

Synthetic diamond has been around for a long time—it was first discovered in 1955. However, it has only recently gained popularity as an alternative to mined diamonds. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that diamonds are not always mined from deep within the earth. Instead, they’re created in a lab through a process known as chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Unlike mined diamonds which require extreme heat and pressure to form, synthetic diamonds grow at room temperature over several weeks.

 These lab grown diamond rings  gems are chemically identical to mined stones with one major difference: they’re clear of any impurities or flaws and often look even more brilliant than their natural counterparts.

lab grown diamond earrings

Many people think that lab grown diamonds are synthetic or fake, but they’re really just a different type of natural gemstone. While they have some important differences from diamonds found in nature, they’re also similar in many ways. Today, millions of people all over the world wear lab grown diamond jewelry like earrings and pendants. Here are some key facts about lab grown diamond earrings to help you understand them better

 lab grown diamond engagement rings

Gem-quality diamonds are expensive and therefore out of reach for many people. However, lab-grown diamonds offer a similar appearance and durability at a fraction of retail cost.

The term cultured diamond refers to lab-grown diamonds that have been grown in a laboratory setting as opposed to mined from below Earth’s surface. (The word cultured comes from agriculture rather than horticulture, which usually refers to gardening.)

As with other gemstones, it’s important to know whether your diamond has been treated or enhanced in any way before you purchase it. Lab-grown diamonds that are labeled as natural are 100% artificial—no carbon exists in their composition beyond what’s required for growth.


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