What are some of the Hidden Android Tricks to Try on your Phone?

Android devices are a treasure trove of fantastic features that can turn your life upside down and how. You can find an application for all your needs, from meditation apps to grocery shopping apps and more. There’s also no dearth of entertainment and gaming apps to keep you occupied.

But besides playing games, listening to music, and talking to your friends on the phone, there are other things you can do on your Android device. You might have missed some of the features of your phone, and it is time to rectify that. Let’s go.

Snooze Distracting Notifications

If you have received a notification but cannot deal with the message immediately, you can snooze the notification. Then, the notification will pop up later, and pick the right time to notify again.

On your Android device, go to Settings > tap Notifications > tap Turn On Allow Notifications for Snoozing.

Transfer Photos to Mac

Apple products are typically known for their on-pairing attributes with non-Apple devices. But if you have decided to switch from Android to iPhone or Mac, you must learn how to transfer photos from Android to Mac.

Connect your Android to your Mac using a USB cable and then use the Image Capture app. You can also use the Gemini application.

Activate Guest Mode

If you have other people using your phone, you can activate the guest mode so that your personal information remains secure. For example, you can create guest profiles for your parents, kids, or friends.

Open Settings > tap the user profile > choose Add Guest.

Cast your Phone’s Screen

Using a Chromecast, users can broadcast their tablet or Android phone’s display to a larger screen like the TV. In addition, you can use this streaming device to mirror your phone.

You can leverage the mirroring shortcut by going to the Quick Settings pane. You can access it by dragging it down from the top of your Android screen using two fingers. You will find the Screen Cast option in the menu, and if you don’t see it, swipe left on the Settings menu and get more options.

Alternatively, you can set up mirroring by installing the Google Home app on your device. Then, open the application and select Chromecast, and your phone’s display will appear on your TV.

On your device, you need to tap Media, select Video, Music, Radio, or Podcasts, and choose a service to start streaming.

Enable One-Handed Mode

Since phones are getting bigger in size, it is becoming difficult to operate the device one-handed. Google’s custom keyboard has the right solution for you. There’s a special one-handed mode you can switch to using a simple shortcut.

Google’s custom keyboard will be the default typing option if you use a Pixel phone. However, if you are using an LG or Samsung phone, you have to download the keyboard and set it as your default.

Then, open the keyboard and tap the comma key. Hold the key and drag it to the right-hand icon to enable the one-handed mode. The arrow allows users to switch to the smaller keyboard, and you can also reposition it.

You can use the one-handed mode to easily use your phone while working or doing something with your other hand.

Use the Split-Screen Mode

The split-screen mode is one of the best features of the latest Android smartphones. Enabling this mode, you can use two applications simultaneously. For example, checking emails and attending a Google Meet call is convenient. Or when you scan a client’s spreadsheet and are on a video call with your friend.

You can activate the split-screen mode on your phone if you are running Android 9 Pie and higher. You can activate it by opening the app you wish to use in the split-screen mode. Then, press the recent button to enter the recent applications if you are using three buttons, or you can swipe from the home bar if you are running Android 10.

Then, from the recent apps screen, choose the application you want to run on the second screen. It would be best to hold the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of the application to select split screen.

Open any secondary application from the recent menu, which will open in a split-screen view.

The Bottom Line

These are some hidden Android tricks you must know. Memorize these to enhance your experience and get the most out of your smartphone. Also, remember to keep your phone’s operating system and apps updated so that your smartphone’s security is always top-notch and the performance is optimum.

All you need to do now is unlock your phone and start exploring everything it can do to make your life easier. You might be surprised of the features you didn’t know!

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