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Wellness Genomics: The Importance!

Genome sequencing or Genomics was a term utilized to determine the chances of getting a deadly disease. The genome sequencing process has become affordable, for which numerous bioinformatics firms are providing solutions that use DNA-based data. This type of data or information is utilized to treat aging, add up a healthy approach to someone’s life, and obtain genetic information. Genetic information can be easily used for a healthier life, for which the term Wellness Genomics gained a lot of attention. 

The Demand for Wellness Genomics

Experts have provided evidence that the market for Wellness Genomics will grow to $12.8 billion by 2028 and will register a 14% CAGR during the forecast period. Here, the primary aspect driving the whole marketing revenue is the awareness of using genetic tests across the globe. The market growth will surely enhance because of the growth of pharmaceutical firms that research genomics. 

Currently, wellness genomics is in high demand because of the increase in healthcare awareness initiatives and healthy lifestyle patterns. Another reason that proves wellness genomics is in high demand is “genetic testing.” This process can help experts predict the risk of a particular disease and offer data and knowledge about the genetic makeup of a child. 

Furthermore, these kinds of tests are pretty helpful for all those people who have a history of genetic disorders. For instance, global research was conducted by experts in the US. They found that 1 out 10 individuals who opted for the genetic testing learned that they have inherited the risk of a health issue and will benefit greatly through the preventive treatment. The study clearly shows that the demand for wellness genomics is high and will keep on increasing in the coming future. 

Genomics in Medicine 

The Ai-Powered Healthcare systems have become pretty useful within the healthcare sector, especially in hospitals. On the other hand, Genomics is also doing wonders in the area of medicine. It has transformed the practice of medicine completely. Genomics will not just help detect all the severe health-related risks in people, and it can also provide information on the susceptibility to disease/diseases. Along with that, genomics can offer information about a person and how they respond to a particular medication. At present, genomics provides positive outcomes in three primary areas of medicine: Prenatal Screening, Oncology, and Pharmacology

How genomics made its way into the public orb?

Genomics gained much attention back in 2000 when Tony Blair and Bill Clinton declared “human genome sequencing.” This needed over a decade of work, and the cost was $1 billion. But in this modern era, many firms are advertising machines that can easily sequence the whole human genome within several days. The cost for the whole sequencing is also below $2000.

People who have decided to get their genome sequenced can store all the information in the Google Cloud for $25 every year. With a swab of your saliva along with a few hundred dollars, many companies will come forward to analyze hundreds and thousands of genes and also help detect potential health-related conditions.

Parting Thoughts Wellness genomics has gained a lot of attention and carries great importance. Through proper genetic testing, experts can tell you whether or not you have any existing health conditions and various other things. 

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