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Uses Of Polypropylene Suture For Surgeries

The doctors use a suture to stitch the wounds of the human being. To heal the wounds, a suture is used to rejuvenate the lining of the organ. So, the prolene suture is a non-absorbable suture consisting of elements of isotactic crystalline stereoisomer. So, the polypropylene suture is a non-absorbable suture that is blue-colored and hence can be easily identified during the surgery. This suture is known for its tensile strength and is used for different types of surgeries such as orthopedic, heart, minor surgeries or plastic surgeries. It is a synthetic non-absorbable suture made of substances such as polyethylene, polyamide etc. It is often a monofilament suture consisting of a smooth texture and can be handled easily. It reduces the chances of tissue damage.

About the suture 

It is a mesh constructed of knitted filament consisting of extruded polyprene. The life span of this suture is around 5 years. It is a monofilament polypropylene suture that is undyed. It is a light-weight suture that consists of fewer flexible scar tissue and foreign mass. It is used for different surgical procedures and operations such as heart operations, neurological procedures, or even ophthalmic operations etc.  The EO type of sterilization procedure is used for suturing. The polypropylene suture is a filament that is done by knitting and interlinking each meeting point of the fibers. They use special laser cutting system for the fiber. So, the mesh is used to cut any size or shape. This suture consists of bi-directional elastic properties to allow different stresses. These sutures are solid and strong and also flexible. It is used to perform tension-free surgical procedures. It is also used to repair the weaker tissues of the body. It is known for its various characteristics such as good tensile strength, tissue reaction, and the best knot typing capacity. The type of needle used for the suture is cutting edges, round bodied, blunt point, straight, etc. the reaction of the tissue is minimal. It is used for different types of surgeries and procedures. 

Following are the characteristics of the prolene suture absorbable 

They are synthetic

They can resist continuous bending.

Such sutures are known for their soft texture and are pliable

It is known for its higher tensile strength.

These sutures are packed hermetically. 

   It is a monofilament with accurate diameter.

What are the uses of polypropylene suture?

It provides the best support to the tissues.

The reaction of the tissue is minimal.

It is mainly used for cardiac operations for reasons such as vascular anastomosis.

It is easy to use and you can put a knot easily.

It does not consist of any capillaries and hence is not subjected to bacterial growth.

So, it can be handled easily.

It is a soft tissue used for general surgeries such as gynecology, gastrointestinal, urology, and for ophthalmic purposes.

But the prolene suture absorbable is not used who experience delay in healing the wound.

Some patients are highly sensitive to this chemical. It is sterilized by Ethylene oxide. It is a type of pigment used for improving the visibility.

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