Top 8 beautiful and outstanding flower jewellery design idea

Flowers are a beautiful natural creation. This symbolizes beauty, sophistication and elegance.  Flowers are not only used for decoration on any celebration but also people use this as flower jewellery. Most brides love this floral jewellery in her Mehendi, Haldi ceremony.  You can either use the real fresh flowers or plastic ,artificial flower design of jewellery . Now flower jewellery design has become an important part of their rituals.  It makes the bride unique whether you want to look traditional or conventional.

Below this article, we are going to discuss about some amazing and beautiful floral jewellery design ideas which makes the bride adorable and charming-

  • Floral Maang Tika
  • Floral Nath or Nose ring
  • Floral Earrings 
  • Floral Necklace 
  • Floral Tiara
  • Floral Bracelet 
  • Floral Hairpin
  • Floral Kamarbandh

                        1- Floral Maang Tika-

                 Maang Tika is a popular jewellery for brides. Especially with lehenga or saree this Maang Tika makes the bridal look complete. But if the Maang Tikka is made of flowers then this adds a magical touch to your outfit. If you can wear this as your then try to use the colour of yellow and light pink or yellow and orange combination.  Also for your Mehendi function you can use dark pink or any colour which matches to your outfit. 

                      2- Flora Nath or Nose Ring-

                   Nath is also known as the Nose Ring. This is a traditional flower jewellery of Indian brides.  If you wish then you can use multi-coloured Floral Nath for your occasion. It takes your entire look to a different level. 

                     3- Floral Earrings-

             Earrings are famous flower jewellery for every woman. Without the  earrings  the overall look is incomplete.  So either you can use gold,silver earrings or also you can use flower made earrings for your Mehendi ,Haldi or Sangeet ceremony. Choosing the colour of earrings is totally up to you.

                    4- Floral Necklace-

                   A floral necklace is an amazing choice.  This design of necklace goes on any dresses like off-shoulder blouse, sleeveless or cold-shoulder blouse.  This necklace completes your look.

                 5- Floral Tiara-

                Wearing a Tiara never goes out of fashion.  It gives you a princess look. You can wear a real flower made Tiara or artificial flower Tiara design. This Tiara is a perfect match for your Lehenga. Either you decide one particular Colour or choosing the multicolored flower design Tiara is not a bad choice.

                6- Floral Bracelet-

               Bracelets are a famous flower jewellery design. If you wear everything in floral jewellery, then use the Bracelet as a floral design, it makes the look just outstanding. Surely everyone notices you. White and red combination bracelet design is my personal favourite colour. This combination perfectly pairs with white lehenga. 

                 7- Floral Hairpin-

              Choosing the right hairstyle is kind of a difficult task. Because a perfect hairstyle is enough to grab everyone’s attention.  So if you have not decided how to make your hairstyle which will match your outfit  then go simple,just open your hair and add a flower made hairpin.  You look stunning and everyone notices you. This entire look is perfect for your Sangeet.

             8- Floral Kamarbandh-

          Kamarbandh is not a famous jewellery but some women love to wear it. Girls especially  like gold plated Kamarbandh but if you want to try something unique  then wear a flower made of Kamarband. Pastel colours look gorgeous or you can try white colour floral Kamarbandh. This Kamarbandh goes with lehenga and saree.

 Above these are beautiful designs of flower jewellery. Nowadays  everyone wants to look unique  and flower jewellery undoubtedly the one to make your look unique.  Use these flower jewellery on your wedding day then you not only look awesome but also your look will be complimented. And your wedding day has a different vibe. 

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