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Top 6 Trends in Content Marketing In 2022

People’s ways of getting information have changed significantly after the advent of the internet and mobile. Now, you don’t have to buy a newspaper daily to know about all the latest happening. Simple press the notification button of some famous news website, and you will get updated about all the latest news. The brands also changed their strategies of marketing. They also use more digital platforms for better engagement with their audience globally.

Before buying any product, customers check the online review of the products. That increased the need for content marketing. In this blog, you will learn the latest trends in content marketing that companies must follow for a better return on investment.

1.      Retain your customers

Marketing analysts of brands always want to include new customers, but they give little to no importance to their current buyers. Repeat buying is beneficial for your sales, and it can help you spread positive word of mouth about your products.

Here are some of the approaches you can follow to increase customer retention

Ask people about their shopping experience on your website. You can also email a customer experience form to encourage them to provide a product review. You can analyze the quality of your user’s survey.

Send an email to your previous buyer about new product launches, discount offers, and news. This can help you keep the interest of your user in your company.

2.      Choose visual and augmented reality in your campaign.

Now the world is moving toward cryptocurrency so virtual reality is getting more and more success. Many renowned brands have used Meta platforms to launch their products. Recently makeup giant Sephora has offered a Sephora Virtual Artist tool in their marketing strategy. With this tool, they allowed their thousands of customers to check and try their products virtually. Sephora marketing got great publicity and an increase in sales with the launch of this feature as users can check whether this product looks good on them or not before buying.

You can also use VR to provide unique features to your potential and previous customers. You can have a personal interaction with your consumers. Your content can stand ahead of your competitors with the use of marketing strategies.

3.      Use of AI and machine learning  

Most brands are using digital marketing. Then what is the reason some get more engagement than others? The reason is simple. Artificial intelligence and machine learning software can be distinguishing factors between two brands.

  • The use of chatbots can help you interact with your potential client quickly and provide them with detailed answers to their query.
  • The use of AI tools to analyze a large amount of data helps you understand the results of your marketing campaign.
  • Different machine learning software assists you in making decisions for your brands.
  • Ai integrated chatbot has taken the load away from a salesperson. Now they can give attention to another task that needs more human intervention.

4.      Podcasts can be a great way of marketing.

Many famous businesses like Elon Musk use podcasts to inform people about their companies. Elon musk always gives an update about the Neuralink project, cyber truck, and tesla restaurants. As a new business owner, you can follow the trend of podcasts. In 2020 more than 155 million US citizens have listened to the podcast. So, you can guess the popularity of podcasts with this number.

A brand can use podcasts to build a brand narrative, and use them to tell people about the benefit of its products. Using a conversational tone in your podcast can help you in building an emotional connection.

5.      Create a unique content

Unique content can help you in generating good SEO. Content and SEO are interrelated to each other. You can create a blog post to persuade your user to buy your content. Wikipedia also improves the SEO of any website. You can create a Wikipedia profile to inform people about your brand and for good SEO. If you know how to create a Wikipedia page, you can create it on your own without making a dent in your budget. But if you don’t have enough knowledge, hire any services to create a Wikipedia business page.

6.      Voice research Features.

The success of Alexa-enabled devices helps the brand in understanding the use of voice search in their campaign. Voice research can help people to search for your products easily. So many renowned companies are giving the option of voice search on their mobile app and website.


If you are a new entrepreneur, you can follow all the latest trends to drive a better engagement. High-quality products along with all these trends can help you in generating high ROI in low investment. Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, and voice research features are must-have features in 2022.

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