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Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine a company or a brand without a properly designed and developed website since the resource serves as its office that works round the clock, without breaks and vacations. And these features are truly vital as long as they provide clients with an opportunity to make a purchase regardless of time and location.

However, it is not enough just to build a site — you need to make sure that it works efficiently and that customers face no difficulties while interacting with it. To achieve that, you have two options: you can either hire devoted specialists or delegate this task to third-party developers who will cover all the necessary aspects for you.

Certainly, the choice is all yours. Nevertheless, in this article, we are primarily interested in exploring the second alternative. Hence, here, we will discover not only the importance of creating a site but take a look at the top 10 companies that offer first-class website development services. And who knows, maybe among them, you will find the one that, in the future, will become your reliable partner.

Why does your business need a website?

  • To build a brand image

With the help of a corporate site, you can demonstrate the company from its best side and in detail. Thus, you may tell your story and the mission and values you adhere to, show your team and certificates, and inform customers about the technologies you employ and the products you sell. All these points make a great contribution to winning the client’s trust and loyalty.

  • To attract the target audience

A website is an amazing tool for advertising your company as well as the services and goods you offer. Moreover, compared to traditional sources of advertisement (banners, mass media, etc.), the development of your own resource will not cost you a fortune. This way, you will have a chance to save money, which is also quite a vital factor.

  • To improve customer service

The site enables businesses to reach a high level of service. For instance, in an online store, clients can view a detailed product description, download instructions, select the desired color and size, delivery and payment method, and get personalized recommendations. It means they do not have to wait until the retail store opens as all the services are available at any time, which is really convenient for everyone.

The above-mentioned reasons, as well as the others, such as a chance of getting feedback, direct communication with customers, and automation of business processes, should work out your doubts (if there are any) about whether building a website is worth it or not.

And now, it’s time to look at the top 10 web development companies.

  1. Ester Digital

With the vast experience gained by the Ester Digital’s team for more than 5 years, this web development company has crafted and launched a great number of projects for brands from diverse industries: from startup and healthcare to eCommerce and hi-tech. Moreover, the list of services it offers is really impressive: web design and development, front and back end development, DevOps, and many more.

  1. Unified Infotech

Based in New York City and operating since 2010, Unified Infotech has released more than 1,200 projects. That is, among its clients, you can find OpenReel, CQ Fluency, eShipper, and If we talk about the services its specialists provide, we should mention UI/UX design, web and app development, consulting, and so on.

  1. ELEKS

Since 1991, the digital agency ELEKS has designed and developed lots of products. Therefore, there is no surprise that such global enterprises as Blackboard, IXM, Autodesk, and Aramex have entrusted this company with their projects. Furthermore, the brand operates across Europe and the USA, and its team consists of more than 2,000 experts in different fields.

  1. Cubix

Having served more than 50 countries around the globe for 12 years of its operation, Cubix has become a recognized expert in web development. Hence, its team is engaged in iOS, Android, and game development. In addition, if we consider the agency’s portfolio, we can notice projects delegated by Canon, Walmart, Tissot, and Unilever.

  1. Iflexion

Founded in 1999, Iflexion can boast of launching more than 1,500 projects from miscellaneous industries: from fashion to car dealerships. Among the brightest examples of their grateful customers, we would like to mention Philips, Adidas, Toyota, and eBay. Moreover, the brand offers custom enterprise software development, web application development, and mobile app development.

  1. Magento IT Solutions

If you desire to get a robust digital product based on one of the most popular platforms, then turning to Magento IT Solutions will be the right option for you. Furthermore, except for web development, its staff is proficient in UI/UX design, strategy, email marketing, content marketing, and so on.


Having its headquarters in the USA and India and operating for more than 30 years, SPEC INDIA is a website development agency that knows for sure how to make any digital project shine. Among other services its employees offer, we should point out mobile app development, product engineering, consulting, testing, and many more.

  1. OpenXcell

With a huge number of specialists (500+) working tirelessly on the delegated products, OpenXcell has a chance to make clients all over the world happy. Therefore, in the long list of services its team provides, one can find custom web and app development, UX/UI design, software testing, DevOps, QA, etc.

  1. Powercode

Established in 2015, Powercode is a development company that works with numerous industries: from eCommerce and education to hospitality and entertainment. Therefore, if we talk about the services its team offers, there are web design and development, business analytics, consulting, MVP, modernization, QA, and mobile development.

  1.  AllianceTek

Application development, technology assessment, website development, system integration, content management & support, and business process automation — these services are just a small part of what the AllianceTek agency can help you with. In addition, since the brand obtains 14+ years of experience, it may become your reliable partner in solving the issue or task of any level of complexity.

On a final note

Website development is quite an intricate procedure that requires not just time, money, and effort but also vast knowledge and expertise from the specialists involved in the creation process. Therefore, it would be better to entrust this matter to professionals who will take care of everything for you and make the resource appealing, powerful, and effective.

In this article, we reviewed the best agencies proficient in web development, and now it is up to you to pick the one that will make your brand excel on the market. We hope you have found the provided information useful and that eventually, you will get the product of your dreams.

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