Things to avoid while Shipping Boxes Packaging

In today’s world packaging is more than just a box, it is used for a lot of other reasons that help a business to grow exponentially such as;

  • Grab the attention of the customers 
  • Promote the product 
  • Marketing and advertising business
  • Provide product information 
  • Convey the message, idea, or concept behind your brand
  • Communicate and develop a friendly relationship with customers

Where the packaging has evolved, products and businesses have also taken a drastic turn. There are not only a few brands and local shops but a lot of e-commerce businesses running all over the world. Almost every business needs some sort of shipping service when it comes to delivering products to its final destination. It can be from the manufacturer to the retailer or from a business to the customer, which includes unpredictable chances of damage to the products.

Let’s travel to the past where the most important and the very first purpose of product packaging was delivering the product from one place to another. During the journey, a product passes through a lot of hurdles. Nobody can be sure of the probability of the damage that could happen to a product during transit. To minimize the danger, custom packaging companies provide the most durable and reliable cardboard boxes to the companies. 

Custom printed cardboard boxes are not only helpful in creating a professional image of a brand but also keeping the product safe. Every product has different needs from the material to the shapes, sizes, and designs to strength and functionality. It is only possible to provide ultimate protection to the product if you are using the right box for your product. 

Well, if you are looking for effective and efficient shipping boxes, make sure you are not repeating the mistakes others have. 

Fragility of boxes

Shipping is all about the strength of custom cardboard boxes because we can never be sure of what can happen during transit. There are chances that your product is mishandled or it can drop anywhere, anytime, by anyone by mistake or maybe hitting and collapsing of a box. 

Customization offers a variety of custom packaging cardboard boxes that vary in their grade and strength, for instance, cardboard boxes, Kraft paper boxes, and corrugated boxes

Corrugated product boxes are the strongest and most durable product packaging solution, especially when we are talking about shipping.

Custom printed corrugated boxes are made up of layering fluted paper sheets in between regular cardboard liners. The number of layers increases the strength of a box. If your product is fragile and needs excess insulation, use cardboard box with handles. They are not only strong but also easy to carry. Corrugated packaging is customizable in every shape and size as per the product that ensures ultimate production.

Improper sizes

Size is mostly overlooked by the companies when it comes to cardboard packaging boxes, which must not be. It is because sizes play an important role in keeping the product safe during shipping, organizing, and handling.

Always make sure that you are choosing the size of a box according to your product because oversize box fails in keeping the product in place, which causes unnecessary movement inside the box that can damage the product.

Improper labeling

Labelling plays an important role in giving adequate information about the product. Customization offers personalized labels in different colors, designs, patterns, images, and symbols that help in offering necessary information to courier companies and the retailers about how to handle a product. 

Weak closure boxes

There is a chance that companies do not consider proper sealing of a box, but it is important to secure your packaging before shipping it to different places. 

Unique and advanced die-cutting techniques give boxes that are made using a single sheet of paper, which ensure the most secure and reliable closure. These boxes do not self-open with any hit or fall until a customer use a proper technique to open a box. Sealing the box in the right way is important to avoid waste of a product along with time, money, and effort. It is because when a product is delivered broken or damaged it does not only cost the price but also leaves a negative impression on the customers

Companies must reap the benefits of custom packaging and shipping boxes to help their business grow. Lightweight cardboard boxes help are light. They help in saving as much time, money, and effort as possible when it comes to damage and refund.

There are a lot of cardboard packaging boxes wholesale dealers that offer durable, sustainable, attractive, and the most affordable solution to every type of product. Wholesale packaging boxes are cheapest than other alternatives that are available in the market. It is because wholesale dealers always deal in bulk, which reduces the price per unit. Custom packaging boxes wholesale are cheap but as high end as other expensive product packaging boxes; feel free to be creative and innovative with your product shipping. 

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