Studying Psychology In Spain

Studying abroad ceased to be a privilege for wealthy citizens of post-Soviet countries – today even middle-income earners can afford to educate their children in European schools, colleges, and universities. Spain is one of the most demanding European countries – a long-standing tradition in student education. 

Combined with the latest technology base of the university gives good results as expected and Spanish language diplomas are quoted by employers as world-class.

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Among the popular fields of study in this country is Psychology which is fascinating and is interested in high school graduates who wish to enter the relevant departments of the university

Information for applicants

Of the 76 local universities, 45 of them are public educational institutions. Which are divided into classic universities, polytechnic institutes, business schools, etc., will get a major in psychology in traditional universities. After completing the algorithm, proceed as follows:

1. Take the 1-2 year Foundation Program 

(Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia) to prepare you for the entire Spanish Selectividad Exam (in 2021, known as EBAU or PCE). Unified Russian State Examination or UPE of Ukraine. They also upgraded Spanish to B1, and the country’s education system provides 12 years of lower secondary education. An appropriate certificate is required in addition to the school’s certificate – eg, a certificate of incorporation. Certificate of study in two cycles of CIS universities, etc.

2. Submitting the documents on the website of the chosen university

Uploading the language and educational certificate in the required form. (Each university submits the requirements) including a letter of motivation explaining the reason for studying at this university and a receipt. 

Payment of the registration fee for admission to Magistrates (Maestría) or the University’s Graduate School (Doctorado), copies of previous diplomas, and a scientific plan for subsequent work during the period of study are required. The documentation package has been translated into Spanish. Certificates and diplomas are digitally accredited, certified, and uploaded to the university’s website.

3. After receiving the notification of admission to the bachelor’s degree

(Grado, training lasts 4 years, number of credits – 240), master’s or doctoral degree, student visas and residence permits are issued to foreigners. Student residence for the university study period with annual renewal

Training in Psychology in Spain takes place at all classic public universities with a humanistic orientation. Therefore, international applicants choose a university that meets their specific needs – the region in which the university is located, language and cost of education (prices from 1-2 thousand euros), direction of study, etc.

Studying psychology in Spain: where to go

In 2020, Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) becomes the most famous educational institution in Spain. But apart from this university Psychology is also taught in Spain in the following universities:

1. University of La Rioja

 (International University of Rioja) – located in Logrono. Online courses blend seamlessly with hands-on classes in classrooms, clinics, and psychology help centers.

2. The Autonomous University of Madrid

(Autonomous University of Madrid) is known for its extensive involvement in active research in psychology and student education.

3. Complutense University of Madrid

(Complutense University of Madrid) is one of the top 5 most prestigious and sought-after universities in the country with graduates who meet the requirements of foreign employers.

4. The University of Barcelona

(University of Barcelona) is not only the best. It is also one of the oldest universities in Spain – the institution dates back to 1450. The Faculty of Psychology provides training using the latest teaching methods that include student learning. Consultation hours are available at the university clinics.

5. The Autonomous University of Barcelona

(AUB) is famous for its rebellious spirit of freedom – Even during Franco’s dictatorship, the university’s leadership disobeyed the authorities. When teaching students Spanish and English the Catalan language is also used here. No psychology study in Spain would be complete without teachers from this university.

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