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Start a Paid Private Facebook Group to Make Money from Facebook

How to Create a Paid Private Facebook Group?

Make money from online platforms like Facebook is one of the most popular ways these days. People who want to start to make money from Facebook ask themselves do Facebook group admins make money. The answer to this question is yes. Facebook group admins make money in different ways. One of the best ways to gain money from Facebook groups is to start a paid private group. Also, you can gain money with advertisements for non-private groups. The amount of your income depends on the interaction of your advertisement post.

To create a private and paid Facebook group you have to own a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can create it easily. Once you create your Facebook you can start to create a private group. To create a group you should click the “Groups” option on the home screen of Facebook. After that, you will see the “Create a Group” option. Once you click it you will see some options like title and category. You should fill these blanks to create the group.

On these options, you can set your group private.  Also, you can add the paid option from this option. Once you did that you have to set up payment methods and prices. The people who want to join your group can pay the price easily. Therefore you can use online payment methods like PayPal.

Make Money from Facebook Groups:

Once you create a tour private group you should attract people. You can write attractive things to the title of groups to attract people.  When the people want to join your group they have to pay some money. In the first stage, you should set the price minimum. Also, you must pay attention to old group members. After a few people join your group you can increase the price of joining for new members. Also if your group becomes popular you can gain money from advertisements.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

Do Facebook group admins get paid? The people who want to gain money from Facebook groups are always curious about that question. As an admin, you can gain money but it really depends on you. In the first stage, you can’t gain much but with a little patience, you can gain lots of money. In the first stage, you can attract at least 100 people. If you set the joining price at 10 Dollars you can gain 1000 dollars in the first stage.

After a few months later you can attract more people with the help of your group member. You can attract 1000 people if your groups have a good purpose. Once you reached 1000 members you will gain 10,000 Dollars from the joining price. These amounts are very high but it is not easy you attract new people to your group. So you have to know how to run a paid Facebook group.

Tips to Paid Facebook Group Admins:

As a private Facebook Group admin, you should be patient. Also, your group has to have a good purpose. You can share new memes or you can create special videos for your group members. You have to keep your member in the group. Because once they leave the group it can create a chain effect. To keep your group members in you can organize draws. The little prizes excite the members and they wish they can get the prize. If they can’t they will wait for another draw. The important part is you can do what you promise. Trust is an important thing to keep your group alive.

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