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Skincare Products You Don’t Need

If you’re someone who loves skincare, it can be quite difficult to resist buying new products every now and then. But sometimes we have to tamp down our urges and go with our needs, instead of our wants. If you want wonderful skin on a budget, you’ve come to the right place! You do not need to spend extravagantly to get good skin. The basic skincare products include a cleanser, targeting serum, moisturizer and SPF. Everything else is extra. For best results, it is recommended to visit a Skin doctor in Karachi as they can help you build an efficient routine better than anyone. But you can also go through this article if you want to shop smartly. Here are some products you don’t really need:

 1.  Toner

Conventionally, toners are used to increase the levels of hydration in your skin. They provide it with moisture and make it look supple. But here’s the thing: you can get the same results by using a good quality moisturizer, or a hydrating serum. Additionally, since the usual toner formula has a light consistency, it doesn’t stay on the skin for as long as a moisturizer or serum would. So, it is a better option to invest in a moisturizer or serum that can hydrate and strengthen your skin barrier at the same time. 

2.  Essence

As with the toner, essence is also something that can be qualified as extra. Most essences are built to deliver hydration to the skin. The same can be achieved by investing your money in a moisturizer, or serum, if you want to feel the same texture as an essence, to get healthy, glowing skin.

3.  Eye Cream

Eye creams can be really fun to use, and they can make you feel pampered. But the truth is that most of them are just expensive moisturizers. They don’t have vastly different ingredients and basically function the same way a moisturiser would. Granted, there are eye creams which specifically target under-eye concerns like dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines but that is then a skin concern which is limited to few people. Besides, if you do have these problems, it is better to get an eye cream recommendation from your Dermatologists in Lahore rather than venturing on your own.

4.  Disposable Cotton Pads or Balls

A lot of people use cotton pads or balls to put their toners or essences on their face, after which they’re thrown in the bin. Here’s the problem: cotton pads aren’t really helpful because most of the product is absorbed by the cotton and stays there instead of going on your face. So, you end up wasting most of your product, which is why using your hands is much better. Secondly, cotton pads used to remove makeup don’t really do the job effectively. In fact, they are also known to push it into the skin rather than taking it off. Not to mention, they’re also creating unnecessary waste as they’re discarded after one use. In this case, cleansing oils and balms are a much better alternative.

5.  Face Mist

Most face mists are composed of drying alcohols, which can strip your skin off its natural oils, hence doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. Secondly, they also contain tonnes of fragrance which can irritate your skin and cause a number of problems. Lastly, since the mist is sprayed, most of it actually disperses in the air because of its volatility before it can even come and settle on the face.

6.  Face Oil

Face oils are meant to be the last step of your skincare routine, locking all the products in. But the truth is that you don’t really need them since you can get the same results through your moisturizer and cream.

7.  Face Mask

Sheet masks and face masks are both extra products. Sure, they feel amazing, but if you have a consistent skincare routine that addresses your skin concerns, face masks are actually not needed. Also a lot of product is wasted in face masks since they are single-use. Face masks claiming to solve skin concerns are no more than a bluff because the truth is it isn’t possible to do that job in 10-15 minutes. So save your money here and invest it in the products your skin really needs.

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