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If you’re planning on selling lip balm, you’ll need to follow the regulations of the FDA for cosmetic labeling. A lip balm’s label must include a Principal Display Panel (PDP) that states the identity of the product and its quantity. The PDP must be approximately 40% of the height of the lip balm multiplied by the circumference. It must cover at least one side of the container. The net weight must also be indicated, as well as customary measurements. A typical lip balm label should be four square inches in size.


Getting your lips labeled with your brand name is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. Whether you’re selling lip balm for yourself or giving out free samples at trade shows, promotional items such as lip balm tubes make great giveaways. Having your company name and brand on these packaging items will be a constant reminder of your company. However, the right labels can make all the difference.

Unlike other advertising products, customized lip balm labels are portable and extend your brand message far and wide. People carry lip balm in their pockets or purses, or keep them in their desks or drawers at work. People reach for a lip balm on cold days to prevent their lips from chapping. This keeps your company name in front of customers all year round. For this reason, your business will benefit. Therefore, consider utilizing customized lip balm labels to boost your brand’s marketing efforts.


Lip balms can be a tricky product to label. Not only do they need to be labeled to keep the product fresh, but they can also be used as giveaways and promotional items. A well-designed and durable lip balm label can mean the difference between a successful sale and one that doesn’t. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a design, including size, color, typeface and composition.

Optimedia Labs manufactures a high-quality lip balm tube label. This label measures two and a half inches in length. Made of a white glossy polypropylene label stock, these labels are perforated for a cap safety seal. These labels also feature a tight radius adhesive that prevents unwrapping of edges. Optimedia Labs lip balm tube labels are a good choice for private label or wholesale lip balm.


When choosing a label for your lip balm, choose a waterproof one. Because lip balm is often handled and shoved into bags, it is likely to come into contact with water or oil. Waterproof and oil-resistant labels are ideal for this product type, as they are waterproof and resistant to scratches. Additionally, they look great when applied to lip balm containers, which is why you should use a waterproof label to brand your product.

For the most part, lip balm packaging requires a label to state the product’s name, ingredients, and warnings. Depending on the type of lip balm, this information may be listed on a separate label, but most of it is on the outer container. The outer label can also have a principal display panel that lists the ingredients. This panel must also include warnings and directions for safe use. In addition, the label must indicate the weight, as well as the manufacturer’s information.


When it comes to labeling your lip balms, you’ll find a few challenges. Lip balm tubes are small and contain a greasy substance, so the label must fit properly. This is no small feat if you’re trying to print a label that will not flag or break. However, with the right design and materials, you can create a custom sticker that will withstand every swipe!

You can use lip balm all year-round to moisturize lips and protect them from sun damage. They can be used as a replacement for gloss or as a base for lipstick. Everyone can benefit from lip balms, and your custom logo will stay with the recipient wherever they go. In addition, you’ll find them small enough to carry around with you, so your logo will be seen wherever they go. It’s important to remember that a good-quality lip balm is portable, so be sure to choose one that meets the standards of your brand.


To ensure your label stays in place, make sure your containers are clean and empty. Using isopropyl alcohol to clean packaging is recommended. You can also use a pouring tray or funnel to fill tubes to ensure a perfect fit. Always remember to avoid hot lip balm mix as this will cause the tube to expand and may affect the adhesive. If you don’t want to have to worry about that, use a UV-resistant label.

When choosing a label, consider the color and the style of the container. A sexy label can convey a feminine vibe, while a sophisticated, professional design will appeal to a man. Consider the content and style of your lip balm before choosing the colors and typography. If you’re printing the label on plastic, make sure it’s UV-resistant. This is especially important if you’re selling lip balm for children.

Adhesive back

If you’re thinking of printing labels for your lip balm products, you may be wondering about how to apply them to the tubes. In order to get the best adhesion, you can prime the lip balm containers with rubbing alcohol or dish soap. This will improve the stick of the label, as well as add texture to the container. Using a pouring tray can help you overcome sticking problems, too.

If you’re looking to buy a custom lip balm label, you should choose one made from durable vinyl. Vinyl is a durable material, so it’s bound to stay in place despite the rough use it gets. Plus, the material is resistant to oil, water, and scratches, so your product will look nice and last. And while you’re at it, consider ordering a high-gloss vinyl label as well.

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