Is ice bathing healthy? 3 reasons for ice bathing

Ice bathing is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. The trend, which originally comes from the Scandinavian countries, has its health benefits. However, submersible pond pumps reviews only as long as a few central cornerstones are taken into account. This article deals with the question of whether ice bathing is healthy – and if so, what needs to be considered.

Is ice bathing healthy?

The question of whether ice bathing is healthy can first be answered with a very clear “yes”. Going into the cool water brings some benefits to the human organism. It is not for nothing that this type of bathing is firmly rooted in the culture of the Scandinavian countries. Especially athletes swear by the improved muscle regeneration, after such an ice bath.

What makes ice bathing so healthy?

Regular ice baths have the same positive effects on the cardiovascular system as alternating showers – ergo, the quality of the cardiovascular system is improved and regeneration after strenuous, sporting loads is much easier. This is due to improved blood circulation.

What makes ice bathing so healthy are the stimuli that are set to the body by the cold water. These stimulations trigger positive processes in the human organism. From these, health can benefit in the long term.

Ice bathing – how long and how often should it take place?

After all the positive qualities attributed to ice bathing, one inevitably wonders how long and often one is allowed to go into the cool water of winter. This question can be answered with “just a few seconds in the beginning”.

For beginners, it is important to slowly get used to the cold water temperatures. Therefore, it should be started with only a few seconds of stay in the water.

People with more experience in this area can also stay in the water for a few minutes. Ideally, for people with sufficient physical conditions, the ice baths take place every other day.

New prospects should not be deterred by this number. In the habituation phase, significantly larger distances between the ice baths are sufficient – the main thing is that nothing is rushed.

Reason #1: The Way to Yourself

Even if it may sound a little clichéd, you will find your way to yourself by bathing in the ice in the associated peace and quiet – even the accompanying person, who absolutely has to be there, does not change anything. According to various experience reports on the Internet, the cold makes you pause for a moment and you forget for a short time the worries and strains of everyday life.

Reason #2: Ice bathing can help you lose weight

During the time in the water, the brown fat cells of the body are activated. Energy is released as a result of this event because unlike the white fat cells, the brown fat is burned quickly – and there are no deposits to the extent of the white fat cells in the body.

With ice bathing alone, losing weight becomes rather difficult. It supplements the entire process (e.B. doing sports) to lose weight and the ice bath afterward takes care to boost the metabolism in order to achieve the desired results.

Reason #3: The immune system is strengthened

One of the most important reasons for bathing in cool water is to strengthen the immune system. Due to this, one is less affected by colds and generally puts away such diseases a good deal better.

According to some experts, the number of white blood cells is increased in percentage terms by the ice baths. As a result, our immune system works better. The temperature fluctuations also make the circuit more stable.

For whom is ice bathing not suitable?

Caution: Ice bathing is not so easily possible for every person. Especially in the case of high blood pressure, heart and vascular diseases as well as general un sportsmanship, an ice bath must not be carried out under any circumstances. In case of doubt, consult with a doctor about the further procedure.

Due to the serious health consequences that such a bath can have, in case of doubt you should generally speak to a doctor before the first ice bath takes place.

Because of the risk of undetected diseases, the health factor is not to be taken lightly before starting into the world of ice bathing. According to various studies, about one in three adults in Germany suffers from high blood pressure – some do not even know what exactly the cause is. High blood pressure is an absolute knockout criterion for ice bathing.

What is the best way to prepare for the first ice bath?

Tip #1: Start with cold showers

When all health doubts are out of the way, the preparation for the first ice bath can begin. The right preparation is half the battle here.

Ideally, you start with cold showers. In the home bathroom, the water temperature can be gradually lowered further and further.

You also practice proper breathing. On the one hand, this prevents a sometimes life-threatening cold shock and, on the other hand, ensures that the cold is no longer such a painful experience.

Tip #2: A wetsuit helps

With a wetsuit, things are definitely a little easier at the beginning. This can be left on a few times until you are really sure to go into the water completely without protection.

Change of clothes, towels, and in any case an accompanying person are unavoidable prerequisites for being able to bring the first ice bath positively over the stage.

Tip #3: Protect your hands, feet, and head

With gloves, as well as neoprene socks you protect the particularly cold-sensitive limbs, and also the head should never come under water. This point is particularly important when ice bathing.

Tip #4: Leave the water immediately at the first signs of a problem

At the first signs of problems (being unwell, shortness of breath, circulatory problems, etc.), the water should be left as soon as possible. If necessary, the accompanying person can now provide support. You should get out of the wet clothes as soon as possible in order to be able to recover freshly packed from this bath of a special kind.


Ice bathing is healthy – but not for every person. Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. should avoid this leisure time. In general, a medical examination before the first bath in the cool water is recommended for all persons who want to ice bathe.

The reason for this can be found in the unrecognized heart or circulatory diseases, which only unfold their threatening potential in the middle of the cold.

As soon as everything fits from the medical side, the preparations can be started. Cold showers are used for the first time to get used to low temperatures. Finally, you enter the ice-cold water with a wetsuit – and later without.

Regular baths in ice-cold water improve the cardiovascular system and the functioning of the immune system.

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