Is He Perfect for Marriage in Christian Matrimony?

They say marriages are made in heaven. But it takes a lot of effort on earth to identify them. However, the article will help you search for your perfect groom for marriage in Christian Matrimony!

According to Bible, marriage is a one-time agreement between couples and the supreme god for lifetime togetherness. They have to follow the seven commandments and cannot break them even under the extremities. However, some exceptional causes like underage, adultery, validations, etc. can break your marriage ties. 

So, it is obviously necessary for women to choose their perfect husbands and stick to them for the rest of their lives. But how will you know if He is your betterhalf? How to assure that you will want the same guy for the rest of your life? What measures will make your marriage healthier and everlasting? The below-given paragraph is the guide for the same and helps you find your perfect groom for marriage in Christian Matrimony!

Selfless for you

The longevity of marriage depends on always thinking about your partner ahead of you. You must check if he can make selfless decisions for you and is keeping you before everybody else. Self- centeredness has no place in marriages and you both must recognize that for each other before final commitments. 

Also, it is better to make sure that his ego never surpasses your advancements and that he is ready to make adjustments as much as you always! This selflessness for each other will only lead you to more strong and lasting relationships.

Always seeking you!

Make sure that you are the final abode for all his comfort. Your partner shall always seek for you in sickness and in health. There should not be any place for any other man or woman, romantically involved in his life. 

Once you are sure that you are the center of all his fantasies, love, lust, comfort, and needs, choose him without any second thoughts. However, if he is still drifting from you at times, give a little more time for your relationship to bloom. You can also talk about your instincts with him if something is keeping you to get married to him.

Remember details

Trust me girls, remembering anniversary or birthday dates are not important if he remembers every other little detail about you. If he cares for you in sickness, if he caters even to your silly demands if he is leaving his important meetings only to spend a few hours with you, Marry him!

You will not get a better man than this ever for yourself. However, it is obvious that he won’t miss out on your birthdays or anniversaries if he is that diligent about the rest of the things. So, notice these activities in your partner to ensure He is only fit to continue.

Loves you!

Out of all these points, love is the most crucial part. Both of you must have immense affection and love for each other to face every obstacle. Love is the strongest weapon for couples to enable them to solve their issues and reconcile afterward. 

However, it is extremely common that you guys will fight. Your partner might not even agree at the same point as yours. But make sure he understands your point of view and no silly fights get big enough to affect your relationships. 

Stick to the 7 commandments

Love, respect, loyalty, dutifulness, commitment, selflessness, and wholeness are the 7 commandments in Christian Matrimony. You must make sure that your partner shall stick to these 7 commandments and is worth these commitments for a lifetime. 

He shall not put any other person above you and never seeks respite in others. However, he might share thoughts and problems with his family members and friends at times. But he must always stick to the promises with you for a happy relationship. Also, daily conversations will help you two build a strong base and reconcile after every fight.

So, these are some of the basic qualities one must look for in their partner before marriage. Otherwise, you might end up in divorce or a sad relationship with each other.

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