Interesting Facts About Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan exemplifies the union and love that occurs between brothers and sisters. This depicts the symbolism of the brother’s commitment to protecting their sisters throughout their life. Interestingly, the ancient origins of the occasion of Rakhi carry tremendous importance. People are always curious about knowing fascinating facts about stuff that amuse them. Today, we have brought intriguing facts about Raksha Bandhan that you might not have heard yet:

  1. Do you know that Draupadi Once Tied Rakhi To Lord Krishna?

Not many of you recognize the entire story behind this reality. According to this tale, there was a time when Lord Krishna cut his hand while he was flying a kite. Watching this, Draupadi instantly ripped a piece of fabric from her saree and wrapped it to Krishna. In return for such a gesture, Lord Krishna pledged to safeguard Draupadi under any circumstance. Later, Lord Krishna safeguarded Draupadi during her Vastra Haran.

  1. The connection between Rabindranath Tagore and Rakhi Bandhan:

We bet that many of you didn’t know that Rakhi was used as a sovial tool by Rabindranath Tagore. The well-known poet and freedom fighter implied the tradition of Rakhi to enhance the union between Hindus and Muslims during the independence conflict. The occasion also surpasses the spiritual line in the country even in recent times. This is a very jolly occasion and hence to make it more special you can send rakhi online to your siblings as a mark of your true relationship.

  1. Porus Restrained From Destroying Alexander The Great:

This is a very popular ancient event correlated with the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. It is implied that Porus, during a battle, was suppressed from destroying Alexander The Great as Alexander’s spouse. In this way, Porus respected their wife of Alexander by not murdering her husband.

  1. Indrani Tied Rakhi To Lord Indra:

The tradition of Raksha Bandhan was not always correlated with brother and sister. In a circumstance in ancient history, Indrani, the spouse of Lord Indra, tied a thread on the wrist of Lord Indra. She tied it before Indra went on to battle the devils. It resists the excellent belief that only sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers in return for a commitment to conserve them. Later the meaning was altered to be a more popular occasion in how it is recognized today. Likewise, you can make the occasion more special and delightful when you send  flowers online india for your sweet siblings.

  1. Rakhi in Nepal, USA, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and UAE:

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion belonging to India, but it is more beautifully commemorated than you imagine. It is enjoyed and admired by numerous non-Indians residing in Mauritius, USA, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and UAE. The occasion also discovers a broad acceptance due to its essence of exemplifying a widespread relationship between brothers and sisters.

  1. Is it celebrated Only for Real Brothers?

No, the holy Rakhi thread is not just fastened by sisters to their brothers. In distinct areas of India, like the Uttar Pradesh, a sister can fasten a rakhi to her sister-in-law. These Rakhis are named Lumba Rakhis. Furthermore, sisters who have sisters fasten Rakhi to one another. A similar thing also goes for only brother as well. People also fasten Rakhi to the photo or image of the God they believe in. Numerous women from various cultures come ahead to indicate their admiration toward the biggest keepers of humanity, i.e., The military and police. And with Rakhi coming with Independence Day this year, the nationalist fever will move one level higher.

Few More Facts about Rakhi:

  • It is also recognized as Rakhi, Raksha Purnima, and Rakhri in numerous areas across India.
  • Irrespective of popular assumptions, Raksha Bandhan is not specified only to Hindus. It is also commemorated by various Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians.
  • It is also an occasion to exchange gifts where brothers often offer their sisters money.
  • It is also a very prominent celebration in its electronic aspect. Numerous e-cards, e-rakhis, gift coupons, etc.Can also be delivered online using an online gift website. Some websites also provide customized thalis and gifts to special places.
  • It is enjoyed on the time of Shravan Purnima in around August, and it is seen to be a full moon day.

The representative meaning of the celebration relates to everyone, be it of any belief, because the sister-brother relationship is similar in every family, no matter the faith. Every year, you can detect many Muslim and Catholic women fastening Rakhis to their close ones or to people who have assisted and safeguarded them in their lives. Because of the enormous Indian community dwelling in these countries, Raksha Bandhan is commemorated with balanced enthusiasm in Canada, Australia, the USA, Nepal, Mauritius, and the UK.

We wish you guys a very cheerful and enjoyable Raksha Bandhan. Let your precious ones know about the facts about this occasion.

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