Instagram accounts that every scientist should be following

In recent times, people have developed a new zeal for information, especially after the COVID 19. The pandemic is causing a lot of people to learn more about the virus. Vaccines as well as life all around. This has led to many science-related accounts appearing on Instagram. And lots of people are following these accounts. There are a variety of specialties on Instagram. And it’s crucial that those who love science also have accounts that have large followings and high-quality content. These accounts serve as sources of information. And provide their followers with the information they may be unable to get access to otherwise. Or wouldn’t consider doing research independently.

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Science Museum

The Science Museum is the Instagram account of the Science museum located in London. This account is home to 234k users and they upload content that contains objects and items in the museum. It includes old telephones, old cards that were made in 1863, as well as human skulls. Every picture is captioned with historical data and background information about the subject of the image, which acts similar to a digital history lesson about social media. If you’re looking to learn some fun historical and scientific facts and details this is the account to follow.


NASA boasts 75.9 million Instagram followers. The account is full of stunning pictures and updates about the earth’s surface as well as the entire universe. A lot of the photos that appear on their Instagram page are from NASA the staff of NASA. And as you browse through their Instagram feed, you’ll be mesmerized by beautiful images of galaxies, milky ways, and even stars. For a trip into the universe of space, and to get a head start on Information on all things space. Check out NASA’s Instagram account. NASA even has its astronauts live on Alive when they are in space, for exclusive content.

The Mars Curiosity Rover

The mars curiosity rover Instagram page has more than 222K followers. It accounts is official for the rover which traveled to mars. When you join this page, you’ll be able to see photos of the robot, and images that the robot is believed to have taken when it was exploring mars. There have been for a long time discussions about colonizing Mars. And if you’re looking to know something more regarding the Mars robotic curiosity and the adventures. On Mars then this is the account for you to follow.

Science Channel

The channel Science has 2.2 million Instagram followers. The content spans outer space, cutting-edge technologies, earth science basics and the most cutting-edge scientific research. The channel has explored fascinating topics such as black holes the process of making stars within the Milky Way, how the ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids, and the science behind why toilets are flushed. This account offers a wide selection of fascinating information that’s great for anyone who is a science enthusiast or simply a curious mind.

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ASAP Science

ASAP Science is an enjoyable and light-hearted science page that has the number of 624 million IG followers. The page is managed by two science friends who post science-related humor, humorous doodles, memes. As well as personal images of the account’s creators, as well as celebrities’ babies. The account is enjoyable and engaging, which is the opposite of what most people consider science to be.

Women in STEM ASU

The Women are in STEM ASU is a profile with six52 IG followers. This is the official account for Women in STEM ASU, a Women in STEM ASU organization which is located in Arizona State University. The women are aiming to unite women who are attracted to STEM disciplines. The account is filled with photos of female scientists who are successful. The account is designed to inspire females to follow their interest in STEM and if you’re one of them you should consider this account as the one you should follow. Here you have it here are some of the most effective and most well-known science-related accounts for all fans. There’s something for everyone. In case you’re looking for additional details on random historical facts and artifacts. You should follow the Science Museum will be the one to follow. Likewise, the Science Channel is a source of information on a variety of subjects.

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