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The speed of a website matters when your site is getting a good number of visitors. With lower page load speed, users get annoyed and leave the website. It impacts the website’s bounce rate, also you may lose many of your customers. In other words, for a high-profile website, you need a server that is fully secure and provides full speed for the websites. Shared servers are not much capable of handling huge traffic at one-time, therefore, switching to the Best Dedicated Server Hosting is the perfect solution for your website. Because Dedicated Server Plans provide the quality features that keep up the site’s page load speed. To provide you best hosting plans, Hostbillo comes with its Dedicated Hosting Services at a low-cost price that takes care of your site’s speed.

About Hostbillo’s Dedicated Web Hosting

People who have a high-profile website do need Dedicated Hosting for the powerful performance of the website. As with a shared server, you get shared resources that effects your site speed. Thus, Hostbillo offers its Best Dedicated Server Hosting services at an affordable price with flexible and dedicated resources. You get a 99.90% network uptime guarantee which means your site does not get any downfall issues when traffic increases. Hostbillo also provides rich security software to protect your site from malware attacks and viruses. Therefore, getting Hostbillo’s dedicated hosting plans are the perfect option for your site.

Features of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting to Speed up Your Website Performance

Dedicated Server Hosting

Hostbillo provides the prime features of the Dedicated Hosting services that benefit your site’s performance. Also, these features help in increasing the speed of your site. So, to know more about its features, let’s get began.

Maximum Bandwidth

For a good speed of the website, it is compulsory to have enough space to load the data available on the website. Therefore, Hostbillo provides its Best Dedicated Server Hosting plans with maximum bandwidth options. So, there will be no issue regarding the page load speed of the website. As per Google’s user experience research, people leave websites when they find bad connectivity with the server. Therefore, having a dedicated server would be the best service you opt for your website.

Rich Security

Hostbillo offers the best security measures when it comes to protecting your site from cyber threats. As cyber-attacks are increasing day by day, you just can’t rely on share security measures for your well-established online business. Therefore, Dedicated Server Plans are the best solution to protect your site data from DDoS attacks and cyber threats. Also, when you have a high-profile website, it is very important to keep your site data secure. That’s why getting a dedicated server for your website hosting which comes with a site encryption facility is the best solution.

Reliable OS

You get two types of operating systems with Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting services. It includes Linux Operating System and Windows Operating system. Both these OS are easy to work with and customizable. Linux is quite easier than Windows as it provides an open-source platform so it’s easy to work on it. According to your website’s speed need, you can choose whichever.

SSD Storage

Shared servers do not provide much space as it offers a shared space to load your site data. Therefore, with Hostbillo’s Dedicated Hosting, you get 100% maximum SSD storage to upload more services and products of your business. SSD Storage also helps in keeping the page load speed flexible, so it quite affects your website’s performance.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Server Hosting provides flexible resources that are dedicated to your website only. As it is a physical server that an individual or a company owns for their websites. That’s why you do not get shared resources but only dedicated resources. So, there is no sign of getting affected by neighborhood websites at high traffic times.

Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

It’s hard to find affordable dedicated hosting plans, but Hostbillo offers its Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting packages at an affordable price. When you add dedicated resources to your web hosting services, your site’s performance will improve. It provides rich features of Dedicated Web Hosting that benefit your website in easily interacting with your end customers. You can also upgrade your hosting plan when needed. Therefore, get the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services at an Affordable Price from the Best Hosting Provider. To know more about the pricing and packages, look into the pricing


Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting


A reliable hosting that keeps up with your website performance is the best for the page load speed. Therefore, Hostbillo comes up with the plan of providing the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services that secure your site and do not get downfall the issues. With its best page load speed feature, your site does not get any issues regarding site downfall. So, Hostbillo’s dedicated server services will help you to improve the performance of your website. Also, you get the hosting plans at a cheap cost price than other hosting companies.

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