How to Use a LabRadar Chronograph?

LabRadar uses the most recent developments in Doppler Radar technology to determine the projectile’s velocity. Your device has a receiver and transmitter that processes the Doppler signal using sophisticated software to give you the projectile’s velocity immediately. Following the sound impulse from the fired gun, LabRadar records the incident. The system also has a different mode (Doppler) that enables it to catch projectile velocities launched by other systems while producing a quieter response.

Because radar signals move at the speed of light, LabRadar Chronograph can accurately measure supersonic, transonic, and subsonic velocities. LabRadar is dependable under any circumstance, unlike conventional watches, which are susceptible to variations in lighting, bullet shine, and subsonic bow waves.

Instead of being downrange, LabRadar Chronograph is positioned next to the shooter. Using a built-in sighting notch, the shooter places the radar such that it is pointed at the target he wants to hit. The ideal placement for LabRadar is to the side of the shooter’s muzzle.

The distance between your gun and the side of the radar shouldn’t be greater than 18″. To prevent damage to your LabRadar from the muzzle, cylinder gap, ejecting cases, or other discharge, it may be preferable to slide the handgun somewhat forward while firing a weapon that could discharge material that may impact the radar. The radar unit will start recording and tracking the bullet as soon as the shot is fired, reporting various velocities along its journey. The tracked projectile’s massive data will also be used to establish the muzzle velocity.


Press the Power Button to turn the LabRadar on. When the device is activated, a blue light will be visible. There will be information about the series.

Click the Series button to start a new series, and then hit the enter key to confirm your decision. You can move on to the next stage without creating a new series if you want to keep capturing shots in the most recent series you established.

Press the Arm button twice, and the light will switch from blue to orange to begin recording shots in the most recent series. You’re prepared to shoot now that the radar is activated. Press and hold the Arm Button to revert to the sequence information after you have finished shooting. Orange will turn to blue as the light changes. You can also watch for the preset Arm Time to run out. Once you’re back at the series information, hit and hold the Arm Button. From this view, a new series can be started.

ARMED VIEW MODE (Orange indicator)

The indicator changes to orange when the system is armed. If a trigger is received, the system will show the new shot on screen in addition to the last picture of the current series. The presented screen is a replica of the Last shot evaluation.

REVIEW MODE (Blue indicator)

The review mode lets users browse all of LabRadar’s accessible results. The LabRadar enters Review mode when switched ON. The user must hold down the arm button for two seconds to activate the Review mode either from the Last shot review or the Armed view.

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