How to fix QuickBooks Error 12029

QuickBooks error 12029 happens when a user is unable to connect to the server. There could be several causes for the issue, but the most prevalent is that you are using an outdated version of QuickBooks. This is not the only issue that occurs as a result of this cause; there are other more, such as QuickBooks error 15270 and QuickBooks error ps033.

So, in order to avoid all types of QuickBooks issues, the user must first update programmed and files to the most recent version. This is one of the best troubleshooting methods that any user may employ. In this post, we will discuss the QuickBooks update issue 12029, as well as the causes and methods that you can use to troubleshoot the error that occurs while working, upgrading, installing, or updating QuickBooks.

What is the QuickBooks payroll update problem 12029?

When QuickBooks payroll update problem 12029 is not addressed as soon as feasible, it can disrupt your working procedure. The problem implies that QuickBooks does not have access to an IP address and that servers perform poorly when connecting. This can occur as a result of a faulty browser and system firewall.

As a result, the user must configure them in order to resolve the issue. Now, let’s look into QuickBooks problem 12029 in more detail. Let’s dive into the causes that lead to the error.

What causes QuickBooks error 12029 on your device?

There could be a number of causes for the issue in your system. The external and internal elements creating the disturbance in the working method are listed below. Read through all of the causes, and if your system has one of them, utilise the troubleshooter provided below to resolve it.

External Factors

  • The problem may appear to be caused by a firewall or Internet security.
  • Making the incorrect SSL configuration. This is also the cause of QuickBooks login errors.
  • 3Internet browsers that are incompatible with the system.
  • 4Experiencing a loss of connection while performing the QuickBooks Payroll download procedure.
  • 5Dropped internet packets can potentially cause the problem.

Internal Factors

  • If the QuickBooks connectivity fails, the error occurs.
  • 2The issue can occur if QuickBooks is not correctly linked to the server.
  • 3If there is a timeout while updating QuickBooks, the error may also appear on the screen.
  • 4If QuickBooks becomes blocked when accessing the server, the system may become corrupted with the error.

If your system has one of the causes, repair it as quickly as possible because it can corrupt the entire company’s files. The solutions listed below can help you save your files and data while also resolving the problem. So, read the solutions thoroughly to fix Quickbooks update error 12029.

Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 12029

  1. Resolve Internet bugs and Internet QuickBooks Desktop Glitches
  2. Reset QuickBooks Payroll and Reboot the updates
  3. Start the computer in Administrator mode.4. Updating Internet explorer
  4. Updating Internet explorer
  5. Setup antivirus and Firewall
  6. Start Windows in safe mode

You may easily resolve the Quickbooks error 12029 updating by using these options. Remember to proceed from the first solution to the last until you achieve success in your endeavour to correct the issue. Congratulations if Quickbooks payroll update error 12029 is addressed in the first solution! You will succeed on your first attempt only, friend.

Another error code is 15271, and it is one of the most typical issues experienced when upgrading, installing, or downloading QuickBooks desktop editions.


Mathematic provides you with suitable fixes to eliminate the mistake. To avoid further problems, make sure to complete each step. The error will be fixed, I am confident. However, if it disrupts the procedure again, contacting QuickBooks customer service will be advantageous to you.

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