In any work, context is something that provides a ground basis for the topic of discussion. It works perfectly to develop the background information. Also, it covers all of the structure of different happenings linked with your topic of discussion.

You cannot add any information of your choice for context, but it must have some relevant points. For example, you have to conduct research on a particular topic. Now you have to collect some ideas to address the stated point. You can put some event or occurrence to concrete your idea.

You can describe context by working on ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘who’ and ‘where’. In this way, you can make a framework for the study. The reader grasps the purpose and need of study. In this way, you can answer research question. Therefore, this article aims to discuss how to answer research question through the context of the study.

What is Research Question Context?

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For the researcher, it is necessary to understand the role of context in qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research focuses on hypothesis.

On the other hand, quantitative research makes the research question and then addresses it in detail. So, here you can make a discussion of qualitative research to get fit. It would not be wrong to say that context is the key to research in quantitative research.

The research question context is something that provides insight into a problem so that you can answer research question. Without research question context, it would be so challenging to your research in one direction. Similarly, the reader would not get the multi-dimensional approach of discussion.

Why Is It Necessary To Answer Research Question?

The research question is a single statement that sets the purpose and objective of any research. In quantitative research, you cannot start research without a research question. Every action of research is dependent on it.

In simple words, you can say that the reason to conduct research is to answer research question. Also, successful and significant research is one that can achieve its objective in the end.

If you are unable to justify the question in the results and conclusion, it means the research is faulty. There is something imprecise.

Even if you are getting the service of Buy Essay Online, you should research your queries first so you can analyze the data after getting.

How Do You Analyse the Context of Data to Answer the Research Question?

In order toanswer research question, you need to analyse the context. It is a detailed procedure to develop context and then answer research question. Let’s discuss this procedure in detail.

There is a four-step procedure to address the research question through the context of data. These four steps are mentioned below:

  • Make a Research Question
  • Data Collection
  • Context Development
  • Answer Research Question

The detail of each step can help you grasp the core understanding.

Make a Research Question

To work on the context of data, you have to make a research question. The research question must be clear to most of the audience. The vague statement of research question can distract your attention from the central area of study.

Research question is the first step in any research. The question must directly hit the topic of discussion. It should be easy for a reader to develop a link between the research topic and the question. Your research question saves you from putting extra effort, time and money.

In many types of research, you need funding from a particular department or sector. In this case, your research question and all strategies to conduct that research are mentioned in the research proposal. Based on that proposal, the next party provides you with funds.

So, you can see that the research question is necessary to develop context and conduct the research.

Data Collection

Based on the research question, you need to generate questions for data collection. You have to see if demographic information is required to generate effective results for the research question or not. There are many research questions that require socio-economic information while other ones do not.

The requirement of any kind of information is dependent on your research question. The purpose of data collection is to answer research question. You can collect data through different means. It can be in the form of an interview, survey or focused group. Furthermore, it can be collected through online or physical means.  

Context Development

From the collected data, you have to develop a context. In simple words, you have to develop a theme for your study. You cannot use all the collected data to answer the research question. You have to shrink the valuable data out of the trash.

In order to shrink that valuable data, you need to develop context. You can analyze data through different methods. The most frequently used method is thematic analysis.

Answer Research Question

By having a context of data, you can also generate relevant codes for your study. For example, an organisation wants to find a solution for its failed management. In this case, the research question can be ‘how to handle the management sector in all circumstances?’

The data you have collected from a targeted audience points out a solution. Here, you end up with solution as good communication. Here, the context of research is communication.

Now, you have to work on different strategies that can generate a sound communication system at an organisational level. You can make different teams, and their team leader has direct contact with the manager.

In this way, a manager can quickly assess the problems, and their solutions can be made effectively. So, you can see the context of data has made it easy to answer the research questions.

Final Thoughts

In every research, you start work by claiming something. This claim needs support in different forms. The purpose of providing context is the development of understanding.

It is a context that makes it easy to make ideas and circumstances clear. Context not only clarifies statements but also plays a significant role in interest development.

Nothing can force a reader to evaluate research except his interest. You can better provide an answer to the research question by understanding the importance of the context and procedure mentioned above.

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