Maisha is enrolled in a late French Immersion program and is studying in Grade 7 in Alberta. She is interested in the evolution of people’s standard of living, between yesterday and today, thanks to technological innovations. Today, in today’s world, certain aspects of life seem simple and do not require effort. We do so many things that we couldn’t do before! Let’s first consider the technological devices that have undergone great evolutions over the years, then the innovations of recent years.A very scalable device is the telephone. Before 1876, no one could talk to someone else without seeing each other in person since there was no telephone. Imagine if you were alone and in danger, you couldn’t call the emergency services! But the telephone was finally created in 1876.

Data communication with people.

 First with a wire, it allowed people to communicate with someone from home without seeing each other. Then in 1973, people started using their phones outside their homes as cordless phones appeared and became portable! In addition to their ability to be used outdoors, since the 1990s cell phones have seen the development of many useful applications such as social networks, the weather application, the health application, the online maps, etc. They are very practical in this modern world! Think of the difference in communication between yesterday and today with just one phone!

Computers and the Internet are technology

Computers and the Internet are also technologies transforming our daily lives. For example, in these times of pandemic, we have to stay confined to our homes and cannot go to school in person, so all students must learn online with the help of computers and the Internet. But, imagine what it was like before 1983, when the Internet didn’t exist! How could we learn or have a teleconference with our classes while staying at home?! The Internet allows us to videoconference, telecommute from home, see our course notes online, send messages to our friends, call our doctors from home (so as not to transmit a disease to other people) and to do many other actions from home.

GPS systems

Another invention that has improved our daily lives over the years is the GPS system, a global positioning system. Today, thanks to him, we don’t worry about getting lost when we go to an unknown place. Before the advent of GPS, there were road maps that helped people find their destination, but they risked being distracted by reading them, which is why they were not a safe way to orient themselves. But today, you can drive anywhere without worry! Not only do GPS systems often read directions aloud, but they allow us to drive without getting lost and can also determine where there is too much traffic to avoid traffic jams. They also sometimes give us the estimated time of arrival at our destination. This is very useful when we go to work, for example, because we can predict whether we will be late or early! In conclusion, GPS systems are awesome innovations that have made our lives easier and more secure!

 Improved our daily lives

Moreover, we are lucky that artificial intelligence exists in this current world. Why? It can do a variety of different things, including giving scientists a fairly accurate idea of ​​upcoming landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. By using satellite images and complex algorithms associated with certain variables, meteorologists can predict trends and patterns of disasters. These predictions give us an alert, which allows us to be better prepared and protected! Imagine what it was like when there were no ways to predict natural disasters and their consequences, they were unexpected and no one knew what could happen! Today, thanks to her, one can be notified when certain natural disasters occur.

Artificial intelligence

In addition to this ability, artificial intelligence has the power to do a wide variety of actions that make our lives easier. Google Homeis a perfect illustration of this since you can turn on the light, play music or do a quick search just by talking to connected speakers! Artificial intelligence has therefore contributed to a great change in our daily lives compared to the past! Apart from these 5 technologies, there are many other types that have improved our lives over the years. With the rapid development of technology, imagine what our life will be like in the future!

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