How do I set up Real Debrid ?

Real Debrid a subscription-free service that lets you connect to the best connection to download and stream HD and 4K content in high quality HD and 4K content on the internet much faster as well as without buffering.

The service isn’t cost-freeand cannot be accessible to everyone. However, at the cost of five dollars per year customers can configure and download Real-Debrid inside Kodi.

Real Debrid was developed to be compatible with video-on-demand (VOD) video-on-demand (VOD) content. It cannot be used with Internet Protocol television (IPTV)

Real-Debrid is an excellent method the download faster and at the highest speed even during peak times, by eliminating buffering.

To protect your privacy and security It is highly recommended that you use a VPN for use with Kodi. We suggest NordVPN which is the most secure and fastest VPN that is compatible in conjunction with Kodi. NordVPN comes with 30 days of money-back guarantee to try it out for free and an incredible reduction of 68% to our customers.

How do I set up Real Debrid ?

In the beginning, you’ll have to sign up to a Real Debrid account and purchase an annual subscription plan.

Complete your details and you’ll receive an email from your email address. Check your email and then click the link to create for your new account. After that click “Login” at the top right-hand corner, and then select the option.

The majority of add-ons need users to permit Real Debrid to use a particular add-on once you have set the add-on in place. Click on one of the Kodi add-ons offered by Real-Debrid below to get step-by-step instructions.

Authorizing URL-Resolver and Resolve-URL

Two ways to setup Real Debrid by adding add-ons like URL-Resolver and Resolve-URL. There are instances where you’ll require both, as certain add-ons use the first resolver, while other employ a different resolver. If the add-on that you’d like to utilize isn’t listed in the above list, you might need allow Real Debrid to use URLResolver as well as ResolveURL.

1. Start the program, and then click on the “Settings icon. “

2. “System settings.” Go to “System settings. “

3. If you are on Standard or Basic Change it to Standard and then change it to Advanced and Expert.

4. Click “Add-ons. “

5. Click “Manage Dependencies. “

Authorize URLResolver using Real Debrid

1. lick “URLResolver. “

2. Click “Configure. “

3. Hover Over “Universal Resolvers. “

4. Scroll down to the Real-Debrid section, and choose “Enabled and Torrent Support.” To ensure that the Real Debrid links appear first, first set the Priority to 90. Then choose “OK .”

5. Click “Configure. “

6. Hover over “Universal Resolvers. “

7. Navigate to the “Real-Debrid” tab and click “(Re)Authorize My Account. “

8. A pop-up window will open with a pin (Write it somewhere)

9. Go to https // and log in to your account.

10. Input the pin (You can give yourself between 90 and 90 seconds in the time you can complete the entry). Then click “Continue. “

11. You’ll get an email stating that the resolver is licensed.

Create Authorization ResolveURL by Real Debrid

1. Click “ResolveURL. “

2. Click “Configure. “

3. Hover Over “Universal Resolvers. “

4. Click on the Real-Debrid tab, and then enable “Enabled and Torrent Support.” To ensure that the Real Debrid links are displayed first, change the Priority to 90, and then choose “OK .”

5. Click “Configure. “

6. Hover over “Universal Resolvers. “

7. Go to the bottom of the page until you are in your “Real-Debrid” section , and select “(Re)Authorize My Account. “

8. A pop-up window will open with an image (Write this in a place)

9. Go to and log in to your account

10. Then enter the coupon code, follow the prompts to click “Continue. “

Real Debrid isn’t running? Here is how to fix it.

1. Verify to confirm that your Real Rebrid account isn’t expired.

2. Real Debrid may have blocked your IP address for an issue. In the event that you’re on the VPN disable it. VPN and then sign back into Real Debrid. If the issue persists, visit to determine if your ISP blocks your IP address. If you’re blocked, help from Real Debrid support to unblock it. Then, connect again.

3. Another alternative could be resetting the caches for both resolvers. Go to the URLResolver/ResolverURL configuration, hover over URLResolver/ResolverURL, and then click “Reset Function Cache. “

4. Another option is to authorize your account to allow for two resolvers. Go to the URLResolver/ResolverURL configuration, hover over URLResolver/ResolverURL, and then click “(Re)Authorize My Account” and follow the prompts.

Do I have the ability to connect my Real-Debrid device to multiple IP addresses?

Real-Debrid can be utilized with an IP address per a given time and same as this application https //www

Can My Real-Debrid Account Be Used on More Than One Device?

You can utilize the RealDebrid service across multiple devices if they are connected to the same IP addresses. More than one device running simultaneously on the same network that has the identical IP address is allowed.

How do I determine the real Debrid fidelity threshold?

Real Debrid points are earned each time you pay for the service or introduce users to the service; you are able to exchange those points for free access. To convert your fidelity points, go to > Account Settings and click “Convert.” You’ll be granted a free 30-day access to 1,000 points of fidelity.

How can I download my TV and movie using Debride. Debrid

Alongside streaming video, customers are able to use Real Debrid for downloading TV and movies available on the website. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction in conjunction with any add-ons that are connected directly with your Real Debrid account.

To download, play the TV or film you’d like to download. Pause play after some seconds and go to You’ll be able to view your streamed media If you want to download the media to your local storage navigate to “My Downloads” menu and select “Download.” It’s that! Your download is now complete.

How can I remove Real Debrid’s download history

You can remove all Real Debrid download history by clicking the red “x” on the top-right of the “My Download” menu. Your download history will be erased.

Does Real Debrid illegal?

Real Debrid did state that its services are legal and do not display links to illegal downloads. However they continue by saying that “we and our host will not be held liable for downloading this kind of content using our services. “

Is it logical to obtain”real” Debrid?

It’s worth the money for users who utilize Kodi often and allows you access to many more websites and make it easier to save minutes. It’s also easy for you to make use of. If you do not use Kodi frequently the links that are free are likely the best option.

Do I need to connect to a VPN with Debrid? Debrid?

There’s no need to use VPNs to enjoy the benefits from Real-Debrid. It’s a straightforward tool that doesn’t have any restrictions. It is sensible to use the VPN when using streaming services in order to safeguard your safety. Internet access is not 100% secure, so you require security. Additionally, using VPN you’ll be able enjoy a safe and secure experience. VPN allows you to stream without restriction.

Does Real-Debrid have a cost?

Real-Debrid, a subscription-based service that begins with $4.50 every monthly. There are four plans for subscriptions available.

Which are applications which make use of Real-Debrid?

The most popular Real-Debrid app to use Real-Debrid is Kodi. However almost all streaming apps and APK’s are connected to Real-Debrid.

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