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How Adding Dormer Windows Alters Your Roofing

Attics are frequently overlooked. The dark and dim space can be a perfect spot to set up your home office or guest bedroom, or even a playroom. Also, installing the windows of dormer will fill the area with warmth and brightness. Since installing dormers can alter your roof in many ways, this task will require a thorough planning process and the assistance from a seasoned contractor.

What is the Dormer Window?

Dormers can also be referred to as Egress windows, or more popularly referred to for roof windows. This distinctive home improvement lets your roof open up and provides much-needed floor space. The inclusion of windows on the outside side of your dormer allows the natural light and warmth of the season in addition to providing access to cool breezes during summer.

Dormers are available in various dimensions and designs. A row of dormers could be added to an already big attic space in order to offer the natural light and airflow. A larger room-sized set of dormer windows can be used to create an entirely new space in the upper floor of your house.

The home renovation project typically created as a home is built with wooden-framed walls as well as flooring and roof. It is built to the existing structure, with the sidewalls resting upon roof beams, and the front wall being supported by the framing. The biggest design challenge is the placement of the dormers, and creating a an easy transition between the roof that is already in place and your new building.

Different styles of Windows on the Roof Windows

There are three primary styles that you can choose from, which include Gable roof windows, roof windows with a hipped design, and sled roof windows. Each style represents an exact replica of a house that has the specific roof design.

Gable windows with roofs are made with a roof that rises in the middle and then gradually slopes to the sides to create a gable in the front. The window is placed inside that gable. The windows made of hipped roofs are constructed in the same way however the roof slopes downwards in four directions starting from the central peak and extends over the front and side walls. Shed roof windows are sloped down from the back towards the front and the roof is overhanging but only on the side wall.

Each of these styles can be a perfect match for different styles of homes. You should try to mimic the form and design of our roof to create continuity. Roof windows add character and value to your house, often totally changing the appearance and function of your home. Be sure to think about the size and styleof your windows, and rely on the expertise and advice of a professional contractor in order to complete this home improvement completed.

Roof Aspects

The roofing of your new windows on the dormer will be in line with the roof material you have already installed. To give an identical appearance the roofing around the dormer might require a change or replaced. Remember that most shakes and shingles will be worn away in just a few weeks.

Flashing is positioned along the seams where the roof of the dormer joins the existing materials. This prevents water from getting into the attic space , and an additional layer of shingles on the seams will give you additional security.

The roofing sublayments, such as Felt or other roof materials may be put in the dormer’s roof. Trusses could or might not be appropriate to cover this tiny space.

A significant hole is made in the window of the dormer, usually just a little larger that the dormer itself. This will allow the walls to to be positioned correctly. The shingles and sheathing that have been damaged or removed during the course of the work will get replaced and these new components will fit flawlessly for a seamless look.


Dormer windows are typically constructed using their own ventilation. They are not meant to replace vents that are already in place, but aid in making the space inside the dormer more secure and comfortable.

Most roofing professionals will suggest vents on the ridge roof’s ridge when dormer windows are being put in place. They allow the warm air from the roof to pass from the roof’s top and the vents in the dormer can exhaust the air that is trapped in these vents. Room-sized dormers typically include multiple vents, fitted with the same requirements as those for typical roofing vents.

Cost of Dormer Windows

The total cost for this home improvement project is contingent upon the dimensions of windows as well as the size of the installation work required. If support for additional windows must be added to the attic space already in place these materials and the labor will be added to the final cost.

In general, a typical size roof window that has a double-glazed window and architectural shingles starts at $3,500 and increase. Dormers with larger sizes that can create an entire space and have windows in multiple sizes start at $10,000 to $15,000.

There are a few DIY dormer window kits in your local building materials shop Be mindful that such projects need lots of work and attention to detail, both in preparation and the final phases. There may be dormer window kits available for sale at around $2,000, but when you take into account the expense of roofing materials and the labor involved in installing these additions to your home DIY options is soon to become as expensive as hiring a professional.

A variety of options can make a huge impact on the price in terms of the type of shakes or shingles chosen as well as the dimension of the window as well as the siding options for exteriors. The majority of dormers are lined with fiberboard or vinyl, as stucco and brick are hard to set up in such a small space.

If you’re seeking to add living space in your home consider the attic. Dormer windows can change your roof’s appearance, however, if taken care of, this addition will make your house look new. Enhance the value of your home and create an enjoyable space to extend your living space by installing dormer windows that come in a range of sizes and designs.

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