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Talk all things learning languages travel in the world living abroad and much more and today we’ll be talking about the best paying jobs for essay writing service in UK international students in UK if you are a student in UK or you planning to come study in UK you might want to get a job to cover some of your expenses so if you’re interested in learning more about making money in UK then keep on watching but make sure to stick till the very end of this video and i’ll share my top secret for finding a job in UK as an international student first things first the minimum wage in UK depends on your province but let’s say the average minimum wage is 14 because in Ontario the minimum wage is in British Columbia it’s 15 20.

In quebec it’s you get the idea you can always find all these wages online second thing people who work at restaurants they might get paid less this is totally legal if you Google that stuff you will find all the information on province’s website why so because if you work at a restaurant you will get tips so they might pay you let’s say 12 dollars per hour instead of 14 but you will compensate with the tips so if your employer offered you let’s say 12 bucks don’t comment me be like this is less than minimum wage yes and it’s totally legal here in UK the most popular job for international students is a taxi driver here we’re talking about uber lyft you can make anything from 16 to 19 if you work for example for uber and you can make up to 22 dollars if you work for lyft but the thing is lyft is available in toronto and not available in montreal.

So before you apply please check what cities do have lived and which cities do have uber so what do you need to become a driver first of all a driver is licensed preferably a canadian one so if you are still thinking about moving to UK and maybe working as a driver make sure to get a driver license in your home country and then once you get to UK don’t forget to exchange it for a local one it might not affect your employment situation but it’s better to have a canadian driver’s license if you’re planning to work as a driver in UK also you will need to speak good english or good english and french if you’re planning to work let’s say in montreal but again they will not ask you to pass an ielts exam or something like that just make sure that you can communicate well with people and that’s all that matters you can always go to uber website to lyft website and then find a page work with uber work with lyft the second category is kinda relevant to the first one and it is deliveries anything from ubereats to fedex dhl good food deliveries you name it again.

you will need a driver license because most of the deliveries are made by car but let’s say in montreal uber eats delivers by food so you can walk or buy bicycle so if you don’t know how to drive you don’t have a driver license or you haven’t exchanged it yet you can always ride your bike or even walk but again check your series requirements job number three is a call center representative so if you’re good with people if you like communicating or maybe you want to practice your english i mean call center is not the best place to practice your english but let’s say you have good english knowledge but you want to talk more you can always work as a call center representative basically anyone literally anyone will have a call center from bank still cell phone companies tell malls or like stores.

So if you go to careers section on any website any company you like you can find call center jobs again you’ll need good english for those type of jobs but don’t worry if you have an accent because i know many people are like oh i’m super shy i have an accent my english is not perfect don’t worry it’s totally fine as long as you can talk to people understand them and help them solve their problems you’ll be totally fine call center representatives salaries start at 15 dollars per hour and they can go up to 20 dollars per hour again it all depends on the company because if you work for like government of UK i feel like their wages might be slightly higher than if you work for i don’t know ikea call center something like that but again check all the wages check all the compensation online because this information is available speaking of helping people number four is a tutor basically if you want to help your peers with some school subjects you can always work as a tutor on campus off-campus i know you can even work as a teacher’s assistant in some colleges when i went to the college we had some people from second year third year helping teachers with teaching so they were helping other people they were making money another good thing is that you will not need to leave your campus so basically you study and then you go work on the same campus this is perfect i think how much can you make as a tutor i think it all depends on you because if you work let’s say on campus your minimum wage can start at 15 20 per hour but if you teach in let’s say online if you work for a company if you just teach let’s say your mother language and you offer your services i don’t know on facebook you can ask for like 30 bucks an hour 40 bucks an hour again it depends on what you’re teaching because if let’s say you’re trying to teach english for 50 bucks an hour i wouldn’t pay that amount of money for an english lesson but if you’re teaching something i don’t know like physics quantum mechanics i don’t know whatever some difficult stuff yeah 50 bucks an hour sounds reasonable to me and if you’re a fan of talking you can always work as a receptionist so number five is a receptionist any place.

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