Hatta Trip – Showcasing a different side of Dubai

Hatta, a mountain town 130 kilometres south of Dubai, is particularly known for its medieval fort and small desert farms, but it now attracts a large number of adventurers. Take your camping gear and go for a walk around the beautiful landscapes, where you can do things like mountain biking and honey collecting.

Hatta provides a variety of sports that allow you to discover a different side of Dubai, from mountain biking through difficult terrain to kayaking across beautiful waterways.

Here are some of the amazing activities that Hatta offers you:

Hopping onto a mountain bike:

There’s arguably no better way to see Hatta’s winding paths of hills, wadis, and farmland than from the back of a mountain bike. Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre features 52 kilometers of trails for riders of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. The routes are self-guided and free to ride, with visible signs. Plan two to three hours for a ride, with stops to take in the views.

During the summer, the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre is closed, however, the trails themselves are available all year.


The Hajar Mountains in Hatta  have undulating peaks and troughs perfect for hiking. Hiking is possible all over the winding wadis towards the Oman border in the mountains’ foothills. The varied terrain may be seen here, from sandy places to jagged rocks.

One of Hatta’s primary bodies of water, behind the famous Hatta Dam, is a popular hangout spot. Behind it is a rocky cliff with fantastic viewing spots for taking in the scenery and watching wildlife. You might even see the elusive Arabian sand cat if you’re lucky.

Incredible Scenery:

Hatta offers some of the UAE’s most beautiful naturalistic settings. As you reach Hatta, notice how the landscape changes from desert to mountain. The Hatta Dam, south of there, is a sight to behold, with calm blue waters set against rugged mountains.

Hatta Heritage Village is a living representation of Emirati life in the past, located in the city’s centre. From food to mythology, you’ll discover about Dubai’s Arabian legacy here.

Hatta Hill Park, a large, beautiful park popular for picnics and barbecues, is just a short drive from the Heritage Village. Sit on top of the tallest point, a tower, for spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Visit Hatta’s Swan Lake, which is home to a variety of bird and duck species. A relaxing approach to take in the quiet atmosphere and scenery while gliding beside the swimming birds in a swan-shaped pedal boat. If you want to make friends, make sure you have food on hand.

Thrills and spills:

Hatta activities such as kayaking through the large Hatta Lake provide a unique experience. A shop at the reservoir lends kayaks and paddleboats for a relaxing trip across the turquoise-hued lake’s crystal clear water, where you may view fish and birds.

You can enter previously unexplored areas through curved routes hidden behind the mountains and not visible from the reservoir viewpoint.

Staying in Style Overnight:

After a day of traveling and enjoying Hatta activities, set up a tent and sleep under the stars at the beautiful Hatta Campsite. Heat the grill or visit one of the Hatta Wadi Hub’s food trucks when you’re ready to relax.

Stay in Hatta Damani Lodges or Hatta Sedr Trailers for a more pleasant experience. Both provide stylish rooms in the highlands, ensuring a memorable night.


Hatta is one of the places where you can have an unforgettable experience. It is a great getaway from Dubai, with its gorgeous mountain ranges and rich cultural past. You will see a distinct side of Dubai during your Hatta Trip.

By visiting Hatta, you may take a vacation from the hot and humid weather of Dubai. In Hatta, Dubai, you may go on an adventurous bike ride or battle the waves in a colorful kayak. You can participate in a range of other exciting activities to make your trip more memorable.

Hatta Dubai is one of the greatest places to go if you want to get away from your busy life and have a relaxing day. You will undoubtedly have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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