Four Essential Items to Improve Your Backyard

One of the most exciting parts of purchasing a new home is planning what you will do inside. Fresh paint, floors, furniture, and decorations are all important factors to prepare for because those pieces will make your new house feel like your home. But while many may focus their attention entirely on the interior of the home, it is imperative not to forget about the backyard. The backyard of a home is merely just an outside extension of your home that you can take advantage of when the weather starts to cool off in the fall or warm up in the spring. Based on where you live, you may even be able to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. So do not skimp on the details and take pride in improving your backyard. Focus on the essential items, including a magnetic screen door, seating options, lighting, and decorations. Once you have created your backyard oasis, you will wonder why you had not been dreaming about it all along. 

1. Keep the Bugs Out and the Fresh Air In

When the weather reaches that perfect temperature, it is common for many to open up the windows in their home. Why should your back door be any different? For many people, the thought of leaving their back door open is nothing short of crazy. Based on where you live, the primary reason for keeping your back door shut is because of bugs. Whether it is mosquitos, flies, wasps, or gnats, no one enjoys sharing their home with flying insects. That is why a magnetic screen door is an absolute must-have item to improve your backyard. A magnetic screen door is effortless to install, and all the parts are included with the screen. The screen can fit doorways up to 38 inches by 82 inches and be used on a variety of different door types – wood, metal, fixed, or sliding. One of the best aspects of a magnetic screen door is the retractable screen doors lined down the middle with 26 heavy-duty magnets. So if you walk inside or outside with your hands full – no problem! Just walk through, and the screen will break apart, then securely close behind you, thanks to the magnetic closure. We also love this magnetic screen door because it is made of ultra-strong mesh reinforced around the edges. It is so strong that it can withstand constant use by you and your pets while also securely staying intact regardless of the weather that may come. This purchase is one you can even take with you if you move. Simply remove the tacks that hold the screen in place, and take it with you to your next home. 

2. Take a Seat

You can improve your backyard by finding the perfect outdoor seating. While you want to find a style and color you love, you will also want to focus on comfort. Visit several different stores when looking for seating and take your time. While outdoor chairs may not be the cheapest to purchase, you want to find something sturdy that will withstand the weather each season will bring. For example, if you live in the south, where summers are brutally hot, you may want to steer clear of chairs made of metal. Plus, you want to find something you and your guests will want to relax in. If they aren’t the color or style you want, try adding cushions or pillows that are more your style. Make sure your patio furniture is made of durable material or fabric that you can safely hose down with water when it gets dirty. If you plan to spend time dining outdoors, go a step further and purchase a matching outdoor table to accompany your chairs. You will never regret spending money on outdoor furniture when you are making memories all year long. 

3. Find Some Fun Lighting

While you may see yourself having coffee on the back porch every morning, it is also essential to plan for spending time in your backyard in the evenings. For this, hanging some fun lights will really set the mood for your backyard. Outdoor string lights have exploded in popularity over the last several years for a good reason. They bring a fun, party vibe throughout the year! Just plug them in with an automatic timer to turn them on at dusk, then off at dawn, and you will be set. No more failed attempts trying to remember to turn on the lights every night. Your guests will love them too! They put off the perfect amount of light and will not break the bank. 

4. Decorations for Outside, Too

How you decorate your home can say a lot about you. Well, how you decorate outside can say a good amount too. Choose accessories that are your favorite colors or styles. If you love the beach, try an exciting nautical theme. If you do not know how you would accessorize outside, think of different accents like an outdoor temperature gauge, potted plants, or other items that can withstand the hot and cold. A fun garden flag representing your favorite sports team or season would do the trick. Whatever it is, just choose pieces you love and can see yourself enjoying the seasons ahead. 

These are some essential items we suggest when it comes to improving your backyard. While these do not have to cost a fortune, they are a wise investment that you could continue to use for many years to come. In the end, stay true to your personal style and pieces you love. If you fill your backyard with things you love, you will be more likely to spend an adequate amount of time enjoying the space you have created!

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