Fashion for All: Unisex Summer Clothing Ideas

As we are moving forward, our mindsets are also moving forward – fortunately for the better. Thanks to the media and the fashion industry for their uphill struggle in exposing us to the truth we never bothered to uncover or always avoided lest it should force us to question our own beliefs and values. We have a more inclusive world where we can dress up the way we want to represent and express ourselves, unlike the past when clothing was allocated to us based on the gender we appeared to belong to, not our preferences.

If a boy was born, they would dress him up in blue. In the case of a girl, pink would be the color choice. If a man wearing a red shirt, everyone would stare at him and criticize him so much that he would be led to feel as if he committed some sin. Similarly, if a woman wore jeans, she would be condemned to hell.

Although there are some parts of the world where the binary concept of gender is still subscribed to, many civilized societies allow you to wear what you like. Unisex clothing has made dressing much easier for LGBTQ+ people while allowing more freedom and flexibility to straight people in dressing up. It’s demonstrated that fashion has no gender and that we should dress up how we like ourselves and not how the world expects us to. This post discusses clothing pieces that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender.

Unisex Summer Clothing

As I just said, fashion has no gender, but that does not mean a bearded man wearing a long, flowing silk gown with stilettoes will get no stares and is socially acceptable. Our minds haven’t progressed that far yet. Unisex clothes would be a better option for him if he’s bored of the typical menswear or tends to be attracted to clothes designed for women. The same applies to women who like menswear more than the clothing options intended for them.

What are Unisex Clothes?

Clothes that do not feature typical feminine or masculine details are unisex. Ruffles, ruches, and tassels, for example, are typical of womenswear, whereas plaids and stripes are generally considered men’s clothing patterns. However, since almost all types of menswear are worn by women today, and women dressing up as men face criticism much less than a man dressing up as a woman, women enjoy a broader range of clothing options, including plaids and stripes.

Below are unisex clothing options that can be worn by women as well as men.

Unisex T-Shirts

Unisex T-shirts are the best summer clothing option for individuals who prefer gender-neutral clothes. They are comfortable, airy, and light. Complemented with jeans, they make a cool go-to summer outfit.

While women’s T-shirts are too bright and often use embroidery and frills and men’s T-shirts are too simple with just stripes and/or some wording at most, unisex T-shirts strike just the right balance between male and female clothing features. They are not too bright or heavily embellished.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes, such as espadrilles and sneakers, are also considered unisex apparel. Although there are some designs that are either too girly or too manly, most of them can be exchanged as long as they are the right size.

Monochrome Shirts

Many women often like to wear their male partner’s white cotton shirt and look even sexier. White and monochrome T-shirts are widely considered unisex and fondly worn by everyone. Salmon, yellow, turquoise, and peach are mostly the colors they are available in.

Even stripped and checkered shirts, which were originally intended for men, have also become unisex wear. You can spot many stylish ladies sporting them.

Jeans Pants

Jeans are the best and most non-discriminating friends you can ever have. No matter what your gender, class, or color is, you can always have a good time with them. They advocate gender equality, which makes them a favorite of everyone.

They are versatile fellas that can go with any kind of top: shirts, T-shirts, pullovers, blazers, or whatever you wish to put on.

Jackets and Blazers

Most jackets and blazers are unisex with a simple design and loose fit. Even if you find a coat that is not labeled as ‘unisex’, you can confidently wear it. Many designers do not even mention the gender they design this outerwear for. Men wearing red jackets and women wearing all-black jackets are common sights.

On an important note, you can wear them on a summer evening or a breezy summer day for a semi-causal look.

Printed and Tie-Dye T-Shirts

People who wear unisex apparel are creative minds who think outside the box. They refuse to marinate in monotony and mediocrity and stand out through their clothing choices. Printed and tie-dye shirts that were largely picked by women are now on the market for men as well. Floral and tropical prints make cool patterns for unisex summer clothing.


Tracksuits, which are ideal activewear for gyming and jogging, have also broken down gender barriers. Most brands today launch only one collection which is for all genders. However, tracksuits that are sold specifically as unisex wear come in colors that can be worn by both men and women, such as tea pink, turquoise, and lime.

Bottom Line

Clothing is the best way to show the world the person you are as well as your likes and dislikes. Before we even say a word, our clothes introduce us to others. For a good introduction that makes people want to stay in touch with you, you need to choose clothes that best represent you. Although most of us pretend to be a person we are not, we prefer to be with people who are honest. Quite hypocritical, eh?

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