Custom Candle Boxes

If you’re in the market for Custom Candle Boxes, you’ve come to the right place. Custom candle boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and can include custom window printing or a protective glossy coating. And you can choose between a smooth matte or glossy finish for maximum visibility. This means that you can get the design and color of your choice to look great from every angle.

Custom Printed Candle Boxes

Whether you want to market your business or just need a simple packaging solution, custom candle boxes will fit the bill. Printed candles will make your product stand out, so your custom box can incorporate your logo, design, and messaging. And since these boxes are durable, they can last a long time. They are also a cost-effective way to market your business.

Custom printed candle boxes are available in single-layer and multi-layered cardboard. For lightweight candles, cardstock is best. Corrugated cardboard is sturdier and doubles as a shipping box. Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy material that allows for vivid color printing. You can also choose from different types of cardboard to make the packaging more appealing to the eye. Whatever material you choose, you can expect the highest quality packaging for your products.

Corrugated Cardboard

Customized cardboard candle boxes are ideal for promoting your brand. Corrugated cardboard is stronger than cardstock and can double as a shipping box. Printed corrugated cardboard boxes are an excellent choice for packaging candles that need to withstand multiple handling during shipping. 

The most important thing to remember when designing corrugated cardboard candle packaging is the quality of the material. Flexible laminate is the most expensive but is often the best option. Aside from that, it can be easily printed. The cost of a high-end printed cardboard box can be as much as 10% more than that of a cheaper, simpler option.

Window Printing

Adding window printing to custom candle boxes is a great way to display your scented products. They are a great way to showcase your scented products while avoiding the weight of standard postcards or business cards. Window printing offers your customers the chance to see the scent of your product while keeping it safe and secure. And, they are inexpensive!

Besides serving as a lovely gift box, a quality printed Candle Box will protect the candle inside and provide strong support to the candle itself. For better durability, you can apply UV coatings and Abrasion guards on your boxes. Window printing on custom candle boxes provides the chance to show off your product, allowing consumers to make a quick decision.


For a company that uses candles as a marketing tool, biodegradable candle boxes are an environmentally friendly option.  These boxes preserve the form of the candle while increasing the customer base. The eco-friendly packaging is a great way to increase the brand’s visibility and customer base. Biodegradable boxes are ideal for branding purposes as they promote the company’s mission and values.

Biodegradable candle boxes are available in different sizes and colors and are available in different materials. Kraft and Cardboard materials are the best choices, as they are not only recyclable but also contribute to the ecosystem. Candle boxes made of these materials are strong, affordable, and eco-friendly. Additionally, they are eco-friendly and great for giveaways.


The materials you choose to create your Eco-Friendly Custom Candle Boxes are important to the overall look and feel of your candles. You can choose a glossy or matte finish, or you can opt for a more delicate paperboard. However, you should choose an environmentally friendly paperboard if you are aiming to create a box that is both attractive and functional.

You can also choose eco-friendly custom candle boxes that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from box designs that have a minimalistic look or ones that are rich with visual content. The printout on these boxes should be easy to read and use appropriate fonts. You can order Eco-Friendly Custom Candle Boxes from ClipnBox if you are looking for a packaging option with a stylish look and classy feel.

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