Create Partitions with Cardboard Box Dividers

Box dividers are the best partitions or drawers to create distinct compartments. They can be used to separate smaller items or arrange what’s inside your packaging. Box partitions are a fantastic alternative for the storage organization’s needs.

It is possible to buy pre-designed boxes with dividers already in place and unfilled boxes specially designed to hold various dividers. The most economical option, however, is to create these yourself.

It’s not as difficult as you imagine making your cardboard box dividers. You can use various materials, like plastic, wood, or cardboard, according to your preference. In this post, you’ll discover the general method of making partitions out of cardboard. If you’d like to make them with different materials, substitute the steps with the preferred material.

Uses of Box Dividers

Box dividers can be employed to store or organize various items in the same box or drawer. They protect the items by stopping the movement of the objects, especially when they’re being transported.

Dividers also increase space, which increases the effectiveness of packaging.

They are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials to meet your packaging requirements and are utilized for various purposes. They can be used to separate fragile objects like glasses and provide an additional layer of protection or offer the perfect solution to organize complex items.

What do you require to create a box divider by yourself?

  • Sturdy cardboard
  • Measuring tape
  • A cutting knife or scissors
  • Wrapping paper of your preference

To create four separate dividers, you must follow the steps below:

Step One

First, take measurements of the box and drawer’s width, height, and depth. Make use of a measuring tape to find the most accurate measurements. Separators must be snugly fitted so that they won’t slide or move.

Step Two

Cut two cardboard pieces. The first piece of cardboard must correspond to the depth and height of your drawer or box, and the other should be the width and height. If, for instance, your box has an average height of four inches with a width of six inches and a ten-inch depth, one piece of cardboard needs to measure four inches by six inches, and the other should be ten inches wide.

You can also wrap the cardboard with decorative paper to have a more attractive appearance.

Third Step

Use a measuring tape and mark the middle of each rectangle using a pencil. Outline the center line and mid-point of each rectangular. Then, cut along that line using scissors.

Fourth Step

Insert the first piece of cardboard in the second. The pieces should join through the slits between them to create an X. Voila; you’re done! Place the cross into the box or drawer and take pleasure in four separators.

box dividers

How can I create additional Dividers?

You may want to add additional dividers beyond what we’ve listed in the previous paragraphs. If that’s the case, you can cut more rectangles in conformity with the dimensions for the box. 

For instance, cut two rectangles with the same height as the drawer’s depth instead of just one, like at Step Two. Then, cut two rectangles that match the width and height of the drawer. As explained in step Three, cut two cuts instead of one, and join them.

How do you create plastic separators?

For making plastic box separators, follow the same steps as above, and replace paper with plastic. To cut them easily, go for polypropylene, the plastic used to make objects like small chopping boards and Tupperware boxes.

If you’d like your partitions to be extremely robust, you could opt for a more robust plastic. However, it might require more time to cut. The thinner sheets of acrylic or polycarbonate, for instance, will require the use of circular or table saws.

There are some aspects to take into consideration before choosing the right plastic. Certain types melt when cutting, and some are particularly susceptible to scratching. It is important to note that the edges usually require buffing following cutting. After taking the necessary steps for cutting your plastic which is best done on a workbench, Follow the remaining steps above to complete your plastic box and dividers.

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