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We can see most people are using Android operating system devices because they know about the characters, features, and functions which is why they love the most. Although some people eagerly wait to enhance their Android smart mobile phones, tablets, or phablets with more features. But the problem is, we cannot get any higher modifications as your wish because there are some limitations on Android OS. But once you get these modifications beyond the manufactured company, you can do everything that you want. Therefore rooting is the method for all these. For using the rooting you wanna Tool Root APK software. Then only you can get the superuser power or admin privileges on the Android OS devices behind the company restrictions.

Tool Root APK free – Root Genius app free

When you search the tool root APK rooting tool software online you will find more. Then Root Genius is the best tool root APK software in the world. This is designed by a famous expert software team called shuame for all Android operating system devices. This is the most powerful tool root APK software for rooting your Android OS devices very enhance.

Root Genius tool software has two downloads. So you can select the comfortable download that you make easy. There are Root Genius APK downloads and Root Genius PC downloads.

As our content, if you will download Root Genius APK rooting tool software you would tap on the app in a single time.

Facts about tool root APK

  • It is a one-click solution tool that helps Android device users making them a superuser of your devices and it is called a one-clicking rooting tool also
  • Up to 10000 Android operating systems, smart devices are compatible to use the Root Genius software rooting tool
  • It is available for download for free
  • Tool root APK has a user-friendly interface. So catching the software for both professional and non-professionals is very ease
  • So using Root Genius is very easy
  • There are two comfortable platforms. One is pc platform and the other is the mobile platform. Now you can select the favorite option that you like most
  • Root Genius allows you to get full power on your Android device without any limitations
  • Now you can keep your Android mobile smart device or tablets or phablets under your full control
  • You can enhance the device modifications what you like most after rooting with the Root Genius free download tool
  • So if you go with the APK versions you do not want pc or laptops for rooting
  • Mobile root software supports all the versions of Root Genius 

Download the newest versions of the Tool Root APK

If your Android OS user and buy the new you first do rooting with the rooting tool that was from the websites. It is updated day by day with bug-fix versions. As the point Root Genius APK v2.2.89 is the latest one. Root your Android smart mobile phone or tablets or phablets with the latest version. Then you can modify your Android OS device behind the limitations of the manufactured company. Root Genius software allows installing custom ROMs, custom MODs, kernels, frameworks, and third-party apps. 

  • Root Genius-v2.2.89.APK
  • Root Genius-v2.2.86.APK 
  • Root Genius-v2.2.84.APK
  • Root Genius-v2.2.83.APK
  • Root Genius-v2.2.82.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.6.73.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.6.69.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.6.64.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.4.55.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.4.51.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.3.48.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.3.47.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.1.33.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.0.23.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.0.22.APK
  • Root Genius-v1.0.21.APK

Points to Remember

  • The most powerful, excellent, and expert coding team shuame gives the opportunity to all Android devices for rooting. So carry it first then look at others
  • When you try the Root Genius APK from the website you do not want to try the laptop or personal computer. Directly you can use your Android OS devices
  • If you waiting to root your Android device with a Windows OS computer or laptop download the Root Genius PC download. So select the preferable platform before downloading
  • Before downloading the rooting tool software make the requirements that you gonna use the computer platform
  • If your downloaded rooting Root Genius tool software not working you do not get worried. Remove from the whole device and try again to download
  • Check the virus guard that you have installed on your pc before rooting 
  • Keep a full backup of data on your Android device. Although your data will not lose when you root. But keeping a backup is best

Little about Root Genius software PC tool

 you have a chance to root your Android operating system on smart mobile phones or tablets or phablets by using the pc. Therefore What you wanna do is download the software from the website. Run for the installation and process it by the instructions. That will make you happy when you root. So always try the best rooting tool like Root Genius.

Some Android versions that support the Root Genius APK Download software

Before downloading the Root genius APK download software you must know the Android version. That will make you easy.

  • P
  • Latest Oreo
  • Nougat
  • KitKat
  • Marshmallow
  • Lolipop
  • Jelly bean 
  • Sandwich
  • Ice cream
  • Gingerbread 
  • Honeycomb

Tool Root APK free download

  • Unlock your phone to root the device
  • Keep a full backup of the data of your mobile phone before starting the root procedure
  • Download the Root Genius APK link from this content for your Android mobile phone
  • Go to the settings
  • Select About phone the option
  • Enable the USB debugging on your Android mobile device
  • Then the app will appear on the home screen of  the mobile the device
  • Look in on the home screen and visit the App 
  • Tap on the “Root” option to start the process
  • Wait for a second to see the option “done”.
  • Now your mobile phone will restart. Here up you can change the changes as your wish

As I instructed Root Genius is the best. So try it with the one-click procedure for free and enjoy it.

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