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Commercial Office Space in Noida – Tenants Achieving Bigger Negotiating Powers Owing to the Ongoing Scenario

Commercial Office Space in Noida

With the current and ongoing global economic gloom which has already affected all parts of the world, overall scenario in the real estate market seems depressing. However, times are not far when the market will once again look upbeat and experts are predicting this regain of economy to be achieve really quick. With that in mind, business owners have become very prudent regarding the choice of office space in Noida because they want the maximum utilization of space at the most affordable price. All corporate and business bodies including investment advisors, administrators, and phone representatives are trying to achieve the optimum level of work space offering the highest value for money.

Luckily the internet has come up with a few reputable websites which provide authentic information about available office space in your preferred locations. Customized suggestions are also provided for the corporate and business bodies according to their sizes, requirements and financial capabilities. It is worth mentioning that Noida being the most economically active part of NCR always has a steady inflow of population. Industrially and culturally it is quite developed. The various areas in which work space for buy and lease are available are sector 73 and around. 

As a consequence, workspaces are being created and sold out to industry houses which are looking to initiate, maintain or enlarge their businesses. The office rental rates in the Noida are quite affordable and this provides a fantastic opportunity for those who want to purchase their own work space. The rate of office prices at the base level is low. People who are prepared to take that extra effort to do extensive research and searching can also find office space at even lower rates. A lot would of course depend on the location of the particular office as well as the floor-plan category. Office space developed by major brands like Sundream can be of various kinds like executive suites, fully-furnished suites and temporary offices.

Many office spaces are available with various amenities and huge retail-storefronts being existent adjacently. These are conventionally not existent in other office locations. According to recent figures, the vacancy rate of Noida has touched 25%. This has led to many opportunities being available which people are trying to capitalize on. People with different monetary capabilities can get the scope to make their appropriate selections. Office space for lease is also being considered as a viable business proposition by many businesses / companies.

Workforce being abundant and vacancy rates also reaching a high figure, tenants are getting immense negotiating powers. The lease agreements which are being made also reflect this fact. The population density of Noida is among the highest in NCR and adjoining areas boast of big automobile, IT and other sector organizations. Therefore, one can well expect this place to tide over the temporary murk that is prevailing and again start attracting people from other parts of the country.


We understand that it is the bad phase of our lives, however keeping our hopes alive, it is also the best time to invest in commercial office space. The business owners know this fact that they have to bounce back with greater business achievement, one of which would be to have an office space of their own. Hence, we have that perfect property for you that would bring the best for you and for your business success and needs. The project Anthurium – a business park located at the prime location of sector – 73, Noida – is well equipped with current technologies like Artificial intelligence, level 5 automation, fourth generation of fire detection and mitigation system. The property is a great investment for business spaces and retail shops. So, if you are looking for a commercial property that has world class interiors to help your business achieve efficiency and productivity, its time you buy Commercial Office Space in Noida at Anthurium.

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