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Streaming TV shows online has become increasingly popular in recent years, and numerous platforms offer free viewership of top shows. Choose one such platform which provides access to a wide range of TV channels and programs without any subscription fees. So, if you’re looking for online streaming free TV, look at some of the best entertainment options available.

MasterChef Australia:

MasterChef Australia is a popular reality cooking competition that has been airing on Network Ten since 2009. The show features amateur cooks from around the country who compete to become the ultimate MasterChef.

Each episode features a series of challenges, including cooking for celebrity chefs and creating dishes with unusual ingredients. MasterChef Australia has become a cultural phenomenon in Australia, with millions of viewers tuning in each week to watch the competition unfold.

The Bachelor Australia:

The Bachelor Australia is a dating reality show that has been airing on Network Ten since 2013. The show follows a single bachelor looking for love, with a group of female contestants vying for his attention.

Each week, the bachelor eliminates a contestant, leading up to the final episode, where he chooses his ideal partner. The show has become a hit with audiences in Australia, with its mix of romance, drama, and humour.

Australian Survivor:

Australian Survivor is a reality show that has been airing on Network Ten since 2002. The show is based on the popular American reality show Survivor. It features a group of contestants stranded on a remote island and must compete in challenges to survive.

The contestants vote each other off the island, with the last person standing being crowned the winner. Australian Survivor has become a favourite of viewers who enjoy online streaming free TV, with its combination of adventure, strategy, and drama.

Home and Away:

Home and Away is a long-running Australian soap opera that has been airing on the Seven Network since 1988. The show is set in the fictional town of Summer Bay and follows the lives of its residents.

The Block:

The Block is a home renovation reality show that has been airing on the Nine Network since 2003. The show features a group of couples given a rundown apartment block to renovate and sell.

Each episode features a different room in the apartment block, with the couples competing to create the most impressive design. The show has become a fan favourite in Australia, combining home renovation, drama, and entertainment.

Gardening Australia:

Gardening Australia is a long-running Australian TV program focusing on gardening and horticulture. The show has been on air since 1990 and has become an iconic fixture in Australian television.

Hosted by a team of expert presenters, the show offers a range of practical advice and inspiration for all gardeners, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

The program covers various topics, from growing and caring for plants to landscape design and sustainable gardening practices. It features segments on multiple plants, garden features, and advice on garden design, pest control, and soil management.

Wrapping up

Many digital television platforms offer viewers access to some of the top Australian television shows without subscription fees. These shows are not only popular in Australia but have also gained international acclaim, showcasing Australian television’s rich culture and entertainment value. From cooking competitions and dating and reality shows to adventure and home renovation, there’s a TV show for everyone.

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