Best Nintendo Switch accessories

A multitude of accessories exist today for the Switch. Some of them are pure gadgets, while others bring a significant plus: Screen protector, charging dock for joy-con, case for Nintendo Switch… Here’s an overview of the qualities and defects of these three products.


The essential accessory to protect your Nintendo Switch screen.

This layer of tempered glass is applied directly to the screen of your Nintendo Switch console and protects it from shocks, dust, and scratches. Touch functions are perfectly preserved. The glass is also treated with an oleophobic coating, which reduces fingerprints and dirt. A cleaning cloth is also provided, which is very practical to give back all its shine to your screen in a few movements. A must-have, especially if you use the Switch mostly in mobile mode, outdoors for example, where unfortunate falls can happen.


  • Effectively protects your screen against shocks, dust, and scratches.
  • Cleaning towel provided.
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge
  • Price


  • A little complicated to install

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Kingtop 4 in 1

A cheap and practical charging dock for your Nintendo Switch controllers.

The Switch’s joysticks, the joy-con, are little marvels of technology with their HD vibrations and their high precision gyroscopic function. Unfortunately, their capabilities are quite power-hungry, and you can run out of battery very quickly. And if you’re not at home, and the console dock doesn’t come with you, you’re just good to stop playing. With this charging dock from Kingtop, recharge your joy-con wherever you want. This little charging station is powered via a USB Type C port and can be plugged into a computer or phone charger. It accommodates up to 4 controllers simultaneously and indicates with a color code the battery level (red charging, green charging). It takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge.


  • Recharges 4 controllers simultaneously.
  • Power supply via USB Type C and cable provided.
  • Color-coded with LED bulb to indicate charge level.
  • Price


the must-have carrying case for your Nintendo Switch.

How to take my console safely? The iVoler brand has the solution to your problem. This rigid and shockproof case has many compartments for all the components of your console: the dock, the Switch, the joy-con, the generator, and the HDMI cable. All the slots are molded to the dimensions of each item for optimal protection. The zippered mesh pocket holds 18 game cartridges and offers extra space for small accessories, like the Poké Ball Plus for example. It is also very easy to carry, thanks to a sturdy side handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. A very good accessory, absolutely essential to carry your Switch around with peace of mind.


  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Wears easily.
  • An anti-shock, anti-water, and anti-scratch hard case.


  • Price
  • Some sewing defects on the straps on some models.

With these three Nintendo Switch accessories, you’re all set for an optimal gaming experience, while effectively protecting your new console. There are of course many other great accessories for your Switch, but these three are a must-have. These are the ones you should consider buying quickly for your peace of mind.

What other accessories can I use with my Nintendo Switch?

The Play Stand is interesting for nomad lovers, it simply allows you to fix your Switch on a foldable stand rather than holding it in your hands. Some models even allow you to charge your console at the same time.

The Poké Ball Plus is a small controller with the appearance of a Poké Ball, the famous object from Pokémon. It is used exclusively (for now) in the game Pokémon Let’s Go. It facilitates the capture of pokémons, by simulating in front of your screen the throwing of a poké ball. Immersive, and moreover, the legendary Pokémon Mew is offered in each Poké Ball Plus.

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