Best Christmas Costumes Ideas in 2022

Do you know what’s better than Christmas? Christmas costumes. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like dressing up as your favourite fictional character, and there are so many great options! I’ve put together a list of some of my favourites below (and I’ll even throw in some DIY tips). You can’t go wrong with any of these Christmas costumes—they’re sure to make everyone smile at the office party or holiday gathering!


If you’re looking for a costume that’s easy and beautiful, an angel is a way to go. There are tons of different types of angels, and you can choose whichever one fits you best. For example, if you’re feeling more playful and want to be a cute little cherub, then go for it! Or if you want something a little darker but still pretty close to your heart, Chasing Fireflies recommend, “there’s always the fallen angel look with its flowing dress and wings.”


Reindeer are one of the most popular Christmas costumes. They can be made from basic materials, which makes them an affordable option for anyone looking to save money on a costume. All you need is the following:

  • A reindeer costume
  • Antlers (or fake antlers)
  • Reindeer nose (or fake one)


You may be wondering, what exactly does an elf look like? They’re usually small, with pointy ears and a certain amount of magic in their step. You might recognize them as the helpers of Santa Claus and his workshop at the North Pole; they’re often portrayed as being happy and helpful.


When you think of Christmas costumes, Santa is likely one of the first images that come to mind. For a good reason—Santa has long been one of the most iconic costumes in popular culture. He’s a fun character to dress up as and makes for great family photos, but there are also plenty of other reasons why choosing Santa Claus as your costume this year will be an excellent choice:

  • Santa is easy to find. There are tons and tons of Santa costumes available at every store you could possibly imagine (and then some). You can get them in all sorts of styles, too: suit-and-hat combos, boxy red jackets with matching pants, and even fancy velvet coats embroidered with designs like reindeer or snowflakes!
  • It’s traditional. Even if it’s not quite Halloween yet, most people associate Christmas with jolly old St. Nicholas, so dressing up like him seems like a natural fit when December finally rolls around again next year—especially since everyone else will probably have already done so by then!

Gingerbread Man

If you’re looking for a fun and easy costume, the Gingerbread Man is a great choice. You can purchase a full-body suit or simply add the hat, makeup and shoes to your normal clothes. If you already have gingerbread-sprinkle hair, then this is the perfect outfit for you!

These are just a few of the many wonderful Christmas costumes that you can find online. There are so many more ideas to choose from, including the ones mentioned above. These will ensure that your costume is the talk of the party.

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