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As you read this article, you should have heard of physical benefits of swimming . So, you want to understand how swimming is good for physical health and why it is even advisable in preventing some chronic pain physiotherapists. To find out, I did my poll to give you the top 6 benefits of swimming with Lifeguard Course .

And without a doubt, at the end of this article you will want to take the plunge more than ever!


be and stay fit , it is desirable to have physical activity normally. But sometimes sport can take a toll on your body: knee , muscle pain , back pain … one of the biggest the benefits of swimming is its sweetness with those joints as it is a sport without strikes.

La swim therefore “gets you moving” while preserving your joints . It will even have a positive effect on them by working out flexibility and strengthening them.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis , such as more than 10 million fractures, swimming will help to work on the amplitude of your joints and others. ease your pain .  He will give you the right swims and good movements will be performed according to your pain .


La swimming is one of the most energy-intensive sports! Count around 400 calories burned for an hour of swimming at moderate speed and can climb up to 900 calories during intense swimming . Therefore, it is an ideal sport for controlling your weight .

As part of weight loss , we recommend rodents 40 minutes 3-4 times a week. You can discover our program to help you lose weight swimming .

to check your weight , Enough 2-3 sessions. Remember that there is no miracle, the key to success is you maintain physical activity through a balanced diet. Contact a professional, such as a nutritionist, again. This will help you to come up with a good diet to achieve your goals.


Do you feel you miss the tone? Do you want some fine muscle to feel better in your home ? This is already a very good reason! But work muscle it is not just a matter of aesthetics. Indeed, muscles that work out often bring many physical benefits :

  1. Improved position
  • Reduce Chronic pain (back, shoulders, knees …)
  • prophylaxis risks injury and osteoporosis
  • Preserve Skeleton
  • Softness of movements (especially after 60 years)
  • Should you understand tone it works your muscles important for health .

La swimming allows you to work with any muscle effectively and without pain , Really, human body floats in water with 80%, so the movements are easier to perform, and the resistance created by the water makes it possible to work with muscles deeply.

wisdom your fitness belt abdominal , sometimes difficult to reach, especially in demand while swimming . And belly belt improvement improves your posture especially when you sit working all day and help lumbar back pain . In short, your body will thank you!


La swimming it is a sport said ” cardio “. And like all sports cardio , this will allow you to support this muscle which is your heart , Like any muscle the more you exercise heart the better it works. Estimated hour swimming at medium speed, performed at least 3 times a week, can improve performance heart … impressive!

La swimming also has a positive effect on respiratory function . It must be said that in swimming , breath is essential in swimming technique : know when to breathe And how. It is a skill that has been applied over the years swimming lessons , will allow increase lung capacity but also to improve the supply Oxygen for muscle during the effort.

Lastly, keep that practice in mind cardio activity gives a feeling of energy during the day. Do you suddenly feel a little tired? So go to basin for getting back in shape and energy!


you suffer from heavy legs from Water Conservation and you are poor circulation ? So ask your doctor to swim one of the best sports that will help you improve venous return .

Why ? It involves repetition of many movements and muscle alternating contractions and relaxations. It is this variation that will circulate . Of course, this does not replace the advice of a professional, only he can give you the right one. is tailored to your needs and health .

In addition, the contact of water on the skin with each of your movements will produce a draining massage that helps fight cellulite . Say goodbye to your dimples !

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