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Aria Oncology EMR Vs. HENO EMR: A Comprehensive Review

Aria Oncology EMR—An Introduction

ARIA Oncology is an electronic health record (EHR) system and is ONC-ATCB certified. It is an information system catering to oncology practices. Aria Oncology EMR solution enables practitioners to create treatment plans. Also, draft prescriptions using customizable templates, and track the number of doses given.
Aria Oncology EMR solution also offers an image reviewing system. It supports MV, kV, CBCT, MR, conventional CT, and PET images. The software assesses the diagnosis-specific data to compare acute responses to treatment. And their long-term clinical outcomes.

Patient charts can be regularly audited for compliance. Also, the identification of any required treatment changes. Documents are electronically saved with options to attach files, images, or patient photographs. The software also incorporates a scheduling module for task management and appointments.
Aria Oncology EMR can store patient images and records in online storage,

local systems, and

third-party PACS.

Data can be exchanged between departments like radiology, pathology, lab, pharmacy, and billing. The technical & professional fees are kept separate when all charges are billed & incurred.

Key Features—Aria Oncology EMR

Comprehensive Patient Information Management

ARIA Oncology EMR information system supports radiation & medical oncology and proton therapy. Also, review clinical images, lab results, prescriptions, QA, outcomes, and more. Based on AJCC guidelines, automate cancer staging and manage toxicities flexibly.

Seamless Connectivity

Its focus on interoperability allows you to make the most patient data across devices and platforms. It offers extensive HL7 and DICOM support. And makes it easy to transfer patient data between hospitals.

Quick Access to Information

Medical workers can get instant access to patient data. And improve planning for quickly making necessary adjustments.

Integrated Imaging

Aria EMR can assist you in optimizing image-guided treatment techniques. It uses fluoroscopic, radiographic, and cone-beam CT images.

Assistance with Regulatory Compliance

Aria OIS facilitates HIPPA compliance and documents activities for evidence-based pay-for-performance programs.

Aria Oncology EMR—Pricing

 Aria Oncology EMR pricing is quote-based, according to the clients’ requirements. Its price quote includes installation, training, customer support, customization, and data Transformation

Aria Oncology EMR—Demo

You can watch an Aria Oncology EMR demo to learn the product’s features and benefits. It will help you decide if the software fits your requirements.

Aria Oncology EMR—Reviews

Aria Oncology EMR has an overall rating of 3/ 5-stars with six reviews on SoftwareAdvice. Aria Oncology EMR reviews are primarily favorable. Its best features, according to its reviewers, are:

It has an excellent treatment delivery system. Its features & functionality make it very user-friendly. And it helps in improving clinic workflows and efficiency.

The least-liked features, according to its reviewers, are:

There are many glitches in its reports, it doesn’t automatically apply electronic time stamps. The time can be manipulated based on personal computer settings.

HENO EMR—An Introduction

HENO EMR is a cloud-based integrated solution. It is suitable for all sizes of speech and physical therapy/ rehab practices. Its important attributes are patient scheduling software, medical billing software, and electronic medical records. Users can get a complete view through its centralized patient data and digital file uploads. You can securely enter, save, and access data from any device.

Users can view appointment trends, financials, cancellations, and no shows via its financial reporting. The billing software also incorporates automated payment posting and custom automated email reports. Multiple doctors and practitioners provide customizable scheduling. Integration with multiple locations proves to be quite handy. It permits users to;

 access patient profiles,

set recurring appointments,

manage check-ins,

and view daily patient appointment lists.  

Key Features—HENO EMR


You can boost productivity and efficiency with its comprehensive scheduling that suits your practice. You can get scheduling overviews, access patient profiles, set recurring appointments, and more, by integrating with multiple locations & EMR. The information you need is always right at your fingertips as it is easily accessible from your desktop or tablet.

Physical Therapy EMR

You can improve your productivity, patient care, and collaboration with electronic medical records at your fingertips.

Centralized patient hub

A thorough understanding of your patients’ health and treatment history enables you to provide excellent patient care. It helps you keeping all of your providers informed with centralized medical records, charts and assets.

Physical Therapy Billing Software

With PT Billing Software & Electronic Medical Records, you can say goodbye to the days of clunky interfaces. It seamlessly syncs EMRs with separate billing software. HENO EMRs covers you with a single sign-on Physical Therapy EMR and Billing Software.

Patient Portal

Your practice can efficiently incorporate new patients, allowing you to spend more time caring for your patients. HENO EMR patient portal allows you less time scheduling appointments and filing paperwork. You can be able to collect patient information after they create a unique online profile. Without unnecessary staff management and all before the first appointment.

HENO EMR—Pricing

HENO provides five different HENO EMR pricing plans.

The ‘Startup’ is available at $99/ month per clinic, with unlimited providers.    

The ‘Growth’ is available at $149/month per provider.

Established’ is available at $225/ month per provider.

‘Unlimited’ is available at $299. Month per provider.

‘RCM’ is a quote-based pricing plan. Contact the vendor to get a quote based on your requirements.


You can get a free customized HENO EMR demo specifically designed according to your required features. It can help you better understand the software before making the purchase.

HENO EMR—Reviews
HENO EMR has a 4.42/ 5-star rating with 26 reviews on SoftwareAdvice. HENO EMR reviews are mostly positive. Its most liked features, according to its reviewers, are:

Ease of use, quick appointment scheduling. Also, it is the most adaptable software. It allows you customization according to your needs. And it helps streamline your staff processes.

Its least-liked features, according to its reviewers, are:

There are some kinks in the billing software and clearinghouse. Its UI/UX is very clunky, and much of the language is engineering-type language. Which makes it pretty difficult to understand.

Aria Oncology EMR Vs. HENO EMR—Concluding Remarks

Aria Oncology EMR and HENO EMR are very popular in medical practice management. Both software provide many features and benefits. Yet, HENO Software offers more features (3) and a higher rating than ARIA Oncology EMR (0). So, here we have a clear winner, and it is HENO Software.

But you need to check out their demos and read out the customer reviews before making the final decision.

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