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Hotels were not as popular in the past as they are now. Some inns provide basic services to its guests, such as lodging, bath linen, and so on. People began to use hotels for leisure and luxury vacations as the reasons for staying evolved over time. Spas, pools, gyms, restaurants, and other lavish amenities were introduced by the hotel industry. This enticed customers to pay more to upgrade their accommodations and enjoy the services.

The aim of staying at a hotel has, however, altered. The guests’ expectations have evolved, and they now want comfort as well as leisure. Every hotel touchpoint has a significant impact. The hotel’s workers were regarded as its public face. They aided in the development of the company’s reputation.

To study a Hotel Management education, which degree and institute should you enrol in?

The hotel business has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. As guests expected more amenities in addition to accommodations, the reasons for remaining in a hotel evolved. The hotel sector needed professionals who met hotel standards to perform these services. The workers are the hotels’ public face. Without a doubt, the hotel business is rapidly expanding.

Institutes must up their game to adapt to this business. A reputable Hotel Management Institute will be able to meet the demands of the hospitality industry. As a result, the Hotel Management course you enrol in should be at the best institute.

Students should enrol in a degree programme that will allow them to learn more about the hotel sector. A full-time 3-year degree in hotel management is available at many universities. However, there are few colleges that offer unique Hotel management degrees, particularly those that focus on a student’s personality development.


ITM-IHM, for example, is one such institute that provides unique courses. Furthermore, it places a greater emphasis on pupils’ gaining extra abilities. Six different hotel management courses are available at the institute. Its Bachelors of Arts in Foreign and Tourism Management and Bachelors of Arts in International Culinary Arts programmes allow students to explore international prospectsEvery Hotel Management course provided at ITM has a curriculum that is tailored to the latest trends and technical breakthroughs in the business.

Students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones at the institute. This is accomplished by encouraging them to organise and host an event. At ITM-IHM, students will have one of the best three years of their lives on campus. There are invited speakers. The college organises industrial visits to keep students informed about the current business developments.

What types of jobs are available to Hotel Management graduates?

 Following completion of the Hotel Management programme, exciting work opportunities are available. The work environment is stimulating and enjoyable! Your employment will never be boring, and you will have the opportunity to meet different people every day!

Examine the following list of available positions:

  • Management Trainee
  • Banquet bartender Chef Event Manager Restaurant Manager
  • Agent for travel Ticketing Manager for Air Hostesses Front office manager, sous chef

There are numerous opportunities in the hospitality business. This industry will push you to break out of your shell and realise your full potential as an individual.

  • Understanding hotel management graduates’ expectations

The purpose of staying in a hotel is to relax and enjoy yourself.As a result, Hotel Management courses all across India prepare students to deliver excellent service to their customers. Customers expect the following qualities from hotel employees:

  • Excellent service

Every hotel visitor wants to be treated differently. Nobody wants to be ordinary these days. This is why experts must deliver high-quality services to visitors. Providing individualised services to guests results in positive hotel reviews.

  • Positive Personality

One of the most crucial criteria of the hotel sector is that you keep yourself maintained at all times. Employees are the hotel’s public face. As a result, you will learn the necessity of constantly being well-groomed in the Hotel Management course.

  • Prioritising the consumer

The hotel’s guests are quite significant. Meeting all of the hotel guests’ expectations should be your first concern. This really aids in the development of loyal customers. To improve customer satisfaction, keep your guests involved and encourage them to use the hotel’s many services.

  • knowledgeable about technology

The hotel industry has seen significant technological transformations. Hotel bookings have become much easier thanks to apps like Gibibo, MakeMyTrip, and others. In the hotel industry, numerous software has been introduced. Everything in the hotel is now controlled by computers. The hotel industry wants you to be up to date on technology advances. Internships are available to students in Hotel Management courses. This provides them with practical industrial knowledge.

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