7 Types of Belts Everyone Must Know About

The most amazing thing about belts is that they are not only functional around your waistlines, but they help make incredible fashion statements to draw necessary attention. It’s one of the reasons that women tend to anchor designer belts around tummies instead of their waists. Their evolved uses descended a gamut of belts – diverse in designs and shapes.

Fashion is speeding its way quite beyond the mediocrity to excellence. As a result, upon each fresh sunshine, fashion tends to take a leap further by conjuring up innovative fashion articles that would make us look advanced and stylish of all. Although many sprouting fashion accessories (wardrobe essentials) are notable, seeing the striking evolution of belts tops the bar of our expectations.

So, the good news is we have rounded about the top seven striking belts that you must know about and may like to be a part of your daily wear.

Top 7 Types of Belts

1 – Prong Belts

The prong belt type is one of the most commonly owned and used. It is also known as a tongue belt because of its tongue-shaped buckle. Although being one of the simplest design belts, it’s quite well-pervasive, and almost everyone has one in their wardrobes. Majorly, they come in leather straps, though other types of materials are infused in them as well – such as web and fabric. More than that, you can get them in 3 buckling designs – single, double, or triple buckles.

Besides, we know how no one wants to adjust him/herself to a limited range of prong belts. Following that, prong belts come in various colors, designs, and materials so that anyone can choose their preferred prong belt.

2 – Ratchet Belts

Ratchet belts come super-convenient when you want something that fits regardless of your expanding or shrinking waist size. Unlike typical buckle belts out there, the Ratchet belt is highly customizable to various middle sizes. All you need to do is keep tightening until you find the proper grip, and then simply buckle down to attach for an effortless hold without the pin holes you have in other belts. In addition, it has an easy off-and-on mechanism.

Because of their less and effortless tension, you can sport it around various casual and semi-casual apparel. It’s highly durable, flexible, and comes in leather, woven, and stretchable fabrics.

3 – Braided Belts

One of the coolest-looking belts is braided ones. Ropes intertwined peek while modernly amassed into a useful and stylish gadget giving a smooth, sleek, and chic look, braided belt’s design is aesthetically appealing is all. It sorts of helps display harmonizing guises over any casual and formal outfit, although it can be a complementing gear over light hues garments.

Especially in summer, you can anchor this state-of-the-art belt over summery twists for exceptional charm, although it can be sported year-round. If you are who fancies only leather belts; worry not, cause it’s also available in leather braided straps.

4 – Tactical Belts

Out of all the belts, tactical belts are pretty handy. Have you ever seen mobile police around your neighborhood affixed with lots of gadgets about their waists? Yes, those wrapping you see around them is called a tactical belt’s specialty. If you fancy hunting and want to have pouches looped around, the tactical belt is a fine option. In short, it’s the kind of belt you might wrap on a camping trip.

From army to military, men sport tactical belts to store their bullets, walkie-talkies, and whatnot. These belts come in various designs (from none, less to more holdings affixed) that you can wear on casual apparel too.

5 – Rhinestone Leather Belt

Speaking of the types of incredible belts, rhinestone leather belts are one of a kind. Their multicolored studded rhinestones are appealing to the eye and make every outfit arty, western, and party-like. But, as well, they have an unusual yet glamouring charm that no one says no to – especially those arty and western-minded ones. Even better, rhinestone leather belts are available in a variety of outlining and designs.

This belt is suited for both men and women. If you want to anchor your favorite color rhinestones, you can acquire that; since, from strap to rhinestone, each has a dispersed color scheme. For a bulging dash of glam at a party, shed rhinestone-studded leather belts.

6 – Cinch Belt

To all the ladies out there who want to escalate their pear and hourglass body shapes, cinch belts are the way to do just that. More, they are wide belts that come in a range of material strappings. Women often anchor cinch belts over dresses to make their waist look smaller and personality appealing. A cinch belt is a perfect option for women who desire to look graceful and slimming sexy.

Available in various materials, from fabrics to woven, cinch belts seamlessly pair with any signature apparel from your wardrobe. Long-sleeve, ganni, midi, bodycon, bib collar, A-line, peplum, ball gown, tunic, and cinch belt are pairable with wide-ranging dresses.

7 – Ring Belts

A ring belt may seem odd and quirky at first glance; however, it has appealing effects on your outfit – classy effects if we elaborate. Although it comes with a ring buckle and a strap along, it’s more vibrant and helps add a finishing touch to any long-silk dress. While just about all classy women tend to look striking and breath-taking at any party, most of the anchor ring belts pull that praise off.

They come in a gamut of designs and forms – single or double O/D ring buckle, multiple strap colors, and materials. Perhaps if you want to embed a little depth (a modern and classy meaning) into your sophisticated dress, then wrap ring-like belts.


As evidenced by the street style scenes you see daily, many style seekers anchor style- and outfit-appropriate belts for chic guises. In the same way, you can find your suitable taste in belts and get one each for those apt outfits you have in your wardrobe.

Nothing less, belts are compulsory fashion articles that everyone must have in their closets. We are not saying get one for each outfit, but you can get one for each occasion. For example, for casual outings, get a casual leather belt, whereas for parties, get a rhinestone leather belt. Like such, you’ll boost your fashion sense along with impressing your spontaneous spectators.

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