7 Common Real Estate Plumbing Myths You Should Know


Several myths, misunderstandings, and outright misleading information regarding plumbing are circulated. Some misconceptions may be unharmful, but others may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime. When you were young, you might have believed urban legends like the one that says a snowstorm will surely come if you flush ice cubes down the toilet or wear your pajamas inside out. 

Plumber Northern Beaches will say about these myths. Even though you may have discovered the falsity of these childhood beliefs over time, there may still be certain myths regarding your home’s plumbing that you still hold.

The Seven Plumbing Myths and Fallacies-

1. Lemons can be used to clean garbage disposals:

Running a lemon through the garbage disposal will assist in eliminating any odor and organically clean the blades. Lemons are not a good technique to clean out your garbage disposal, even if they may temporarily get rid of some odors. Lemons can’t clean the disposal thoroughly; over time, they’ll wear down and destroy your blades. 

Lemons should never be put through garbage disposal due to the potential harm they might cause. Instead, turning off the electricity is the best way to dispose of your garbage. Then, gently scrub the scum using a brush, warm water, and mild dish soap. You can get service of Commercial Plumber Sydney.

2. Garbage disposals can accommodate anything:

The notion that garbage disposals are robust enough to handle anything is among their most widespread fallacies. Said this is false. Even if the water is running, the blades will become dull and break if they come into contact with hard things because they are not composed of titanium. The best technique to take care of the garbage disposal is to throw most of the food in the trash and use it to remove any extra food stuck to the plate. You can do garbage disposal through Commercial Plumber Sydney.

3. Ice cubes will make the blades of garbage disposals sharp:

Many social media videos have recently claimed that ice cubes help sharpen garbage disposal blades. That is not the situation. Ice cubes won’t sharpen any of the edges in the garbage disposal because those blades serve more as impellers than slicers. 

The ice won’t point to the blades because the blades impel the meal. In addition, because frost is hard, it can dull the knives. Just keep in mind that garbage disposal blades don’t require sharpening. You can use this myth if you need Emergency Plumber Sydney.

4. A leaky faucet is typical:

Homeowners frequently think faucet leaks are natural, especially in older homes. Although a faucet will eventually leak, it is crucial to fix the leak immediately. If you have anY query about Emergency Plumber Sydney you can contact with leaky faucet repairer. 

If you put off fixing a leaky faucet, you can spend a lot more money or let a greater issue go unreported. If your faucet is dripping, you may have a water pressure issue. When the tap leaks, immediately check it to figure out why.

5. Tightening handle turns should halt faucet leaks:

If a handle is not turned off, the water will keep running. Because of this, many homeowners believe that the faucet will stop dripping by tightly closing a handle. Suppose the faucet leaks; doing this won’t solve the issue and frequently worsens it.

Close faucet handles too tightly regularly to avoid breaking the faucet or the pipes. Close the handle just enough to stop the water flow. If the leak persists, the leak needs to be fixed appropriately.

6. Harsh chemicals are required to remove blockages:

Occasionally, if you have a stubborn clog that you can’t remove, reaching for the strongest chemical can be tempting. The chemical will harm your pipes even though it might clear the obstruction. Harsh chemicals can corrode your pipes, especially if you have older lines, resulting in extensive future damage.

It is preferable to remove a clog manually if one needs to be cleared. If you have prior experience, you can unclog the pipe yourself or contact a licensed Plumber Northern Beaches to do it for you.

7. It’s time to replace a noisy water heater:

Although water heaters should be relatively quiet, don’t immediately freak out if yours is becoming too loud. When sediment builds up within, water heaters can become noisy.  Minerals gather at the bottom of the tank due to hard water usage. Your water heater is making noise because air bubbles are created when the sediment expands each time the heater is turned on.

Although removing sediment from a water heater on your own is technically possible, hiring a professional is always recommended. Extending the life of your water heater without having to buy a new one outright will save you a ton of money. Plumbing Services Sydney can help you to save your time.


As you can see, there are numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding plumbing. It’s always preferable to call a professional if you ever have questions about your home’s plumbing problem. Plumbing Services Sydney will clarify the situation so you can have the safest and most economical home imaginable.

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