5 Type of Belts: How to Wear and Style

In addition to holding your pants tight, belts have evolved their uses for varied purposes. By evolved uses, we mean being worn as a staple in the fashion arena. Gone are the days when women used to anchor belts on pants to keep them afloat. However, now they hang various kinds of belts around their middles to boost chic looks.

It’s a classic wardrobe staple for both men and women. Perhaps we can call this “The Finishing Touch” to any garment. Moving on… you always harness the right belt for the outfit. Otherwise, you may look not-so-well-dressed – or perhaps lacking the crucial fashion sense. In all honesty, anchoring a wrong belt may draw you unwanted attention in this world of serious fashion – or you simply don’t want to be teased or made fun of over this kind of endeavor. Therefore, it’s essential to know all the shebang about what type of belt to affix and with what.

This post will list five types of belts and how to style them.

Top 5 Types of Belts

1 – Leather Belt

This type of belt is made of pure leather from animal hides; it’s also one of the most common wardrobe essentials. Since not many can afford its purest kind, it also comes in faux leather. Usually wrapped over jeans and pants, this belt type is so common that many affix them over their everyday wear. On the other hand, they come in various designs and structures. It would be best to enfold a formal leather belt over formal wear, whereas for casuals, you get to have them in diverse styles. Besides that, they’re available for semi-formal outfits as well.

2 – Wide Belt

In this fashion dome, you come across diverse kinds of belts, and wide belts are one of them. They’re wide belts that tighten around one’s waist to silhouette definition not only of your outfit, but also of your waistline and body curves. Perhaps this belt is ideal for showing off your athletic or pear body shape. Wide belts are also known as cinch belts. This belt originates from the old western culture, where every woman used to anchor such belts to conclude their loose dresses. From neutral colors to all-black, this belt comes in a number of colors too.

3 – Metallic Belt

Belts that have light and metallic strapping are known as Metallic Belts. This is best suited over any plain party dress to help you make a bold and classy style statement. Apart from that, they’re offered in wide-ranging designs and colors. If you love to wrap a gold-looking strap around your waist, this belt is the right option to avail. They are usually light in weight, shiny, and perfect for party outfits.

4 – Elastic Pearl Waist Belt

Pearls are nice and amusing. Especially for women who love pearls so much, they desire to anchor pearls one way or another – either via a neckwear or a wristband layout. Gladly, there is a type of belt (pearl belt) designed to fulfill women’s need to fasten pearls. Women can boost their classy looks by wrapping an elastic pearl waist belt on any party to a casual monochromatic dress. But most importantly, this would look more appealing on long gowns for a seamless threads completion.

5 – Rhinestone Leather Belts

Rhinestone leather belt is traditionally worn by cowboys or cowgirls, although many shed them over modern garments to display a fashionable aspect. This belt comes in a variety of designs and can be used on a daily basis. Whether it’s casual pants or tight party dresses, rhinestone belts vouch for glitzy looks out of them on any occasion, although best suited on party dresses. Unlike traditional belts, this belt comes with and without multicolor rhinestone-studded designs that can go with any outfit. A matching rhinestone-studded belt to your mood, personality, or dress can help elevate your casual day or nighttime apparel.

Styling Belts for Different Occasions

When it comes to occasion-appropriate belts, there are specific wrong and right types. Surely, you cannot anchor a formal leather belt on any occasion. One of the fashion rules tells us to wear right from head to toe. And when you make any kind of fashion blunder, you may as well lose your charming look and personality value without knowing it. So, be careful and mindful when anchoring fashion articles in any instance.

Occasion- And Outfit-Appropriate Belts

Is it a party or a casual get-to-gather? Though casual gatherings aren’t that demanding of your shiniest looks, anchor any leather or decent-looking belts from your wardrobe. Ensure to have that belt matching your outfit’s spirit and style. For casual settings, any wide or skinny belt will do. However, when it’s a special occasion, you can’t just look what we call ‘decent.’ For that special occasion, you need to affix your favorite style dress along with a matching metallic or rhinestone belt.

  • If you are wearing a black or any darker hue of bodycon dress, a gold-colored metallic will be enough to pull all the attention in the room.
  • When you anchor a maxi dress, a matching rhinestone leather belt is the only option to look the sleekest.
  • Anchor Elastic Pearl Waist on any long monochromatic dresses for any elite tea-time parties.
  • You can never go wrong by wrapping a leather belt on your cutoff shorts – lean into any slim (short-wide) leather belt to complete your summery twists.
  • Perhaps we can’t list all the styling combo in short writing, although what you can do is to compare and experiment with your own ways and ask around your inhouse friends before going out.

Summing it up

Not so long ago, belts were confined to the idea of supporting pants – nothing much was believed from these fine fashion accessories instead. However, fast forward to today, these staples have emerged in various types and are anchored for multiple purposes. Moreover, they are looped around today, especially over women, to seek increased glitz and glam. In all, we can’t put a blind eye to them, not while they are the best fashion staple of all time.

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