10 Mistakes Students Make in Their Law School Application

Every student who dreams of pursuing law as a profession wants to enroll in a highly ranked university which guarantees high-paying career opportunities. However, you have to write an effective application to become a part of the programme. In this post, we’ll discuss ten mistakes many students make while applying for a law school.

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Application

1. Ignoring their low GPA

You should have a high GPA to enrol in the law school of your choice. However, if you haven’t scored well in your college, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply. No matter how low your GPA might be, you should not refrain from applying to a law school where you have a realistic chance of getting enrolled.

Because your academic progress is a significant weakness in your application, you should improve your application by taking extra classes and courses. You can opt for certifications related to your field. Add as many accomplishments as you can to improve your application.

2. Not choosing the right recommenders

A letter of recommendation can improve your chances of getting selected for the law school of your choice. However, it should be written by a person who has a certain amount of reputation in the field of law. If you manage to submit a letter of recommendation written by a judge, experienced attorney, or a member of the parliament, it will work wonders for you.

But, it’s also important that the person writing your letter of recommendation knows you properly. The administration will ask them to discuss your qualities, weaknesses, and interests. If someone is reluctant to write your recommendation letter, you shouldn’t force them.

3. Ignoring extracurricular activities

Many students write a lot about their academic results and accomplishments in their applications. However, they ignore discussing their extracurricular activities. Law schools in the UK not only focus on academics, but they also want to improve students’ personality, skillset, and creativity through extracurricular activities like sports, music, and theatrics.

Therefore, it would help to mention relevant extracurricular activities in your application. For instance, if you have worked at an NGO for a certain amount of time, mention your experience in the application.

4. Choosing the wrong law school

Not every law school is right for you. Students often opt for law schools where they won’t stand out among other applicants. For example, if you have a low overall GPA, you can’t apply and get selected for the best law school in the UK. These colleges have very rigorous criteria for selection, and if you don’t fit in, applying there will just waste your time and effort.

Also, many highly ranked law schools want students to have many academic and extracurricular achievements, apart from scoring high grades. As application deadlines are quite strict, it’s better to have a focused approach and only send applications to law schools where you have a realistic chance of getting in.

5. Missing the application deadline

Every educational institute prefers enrolling students who are punctual and value their time. Most law schools enrol students on a rolling basis. The sooner you apply to your dream law school, the better. Most law school administrations admit students on a first-come-first-serve basis.

While there might be a deadline, there will be fewer seats and significantly more applicants if you keep waiting for it, making it quite difficult for you to enrol in the law school of your choice. Therefore, if you have a list of law schools you’re planning to apply to, send your application as soon as the admission window opens.

6. Turning in the application without proofreading it

When I used to work as an Admissions Officer, this was the mistake that made me reject many applications. Spelling mistakes and minor typos might look like tiny and negligible errors to you, but they can seriously impact your application. Admission officers don’t forgive such minor mistakes because if the final draft of your application has spelling or typo errors, it means that you are extremely irresponsible, a trait no law school wants to see in its students. So, get your application checked by an expert before you apply.

7. Including controversial or judgemental statements

Law schools prefer enrolling students who have a certain political ideology. They don’t prefer neutrals with closed minds and no political views. If you have worked for a political organisation or NGO, it will improve your application. However, make sure your political views do not include any judgmental or controversial statements which might offend a certain community. Your political views should not insult any person or community with opposing views. 

8. Uploading unprofessional and unethical posts on social media

As a lawyer, your online presence should be clean and non-controversial. Admission officers ask students to provide links to their social media profiles. Admission officers will check the things you post on your profile. They will also monitor your interactions and comments. Therefore, avoid sharing controversial, unethical, or unprofessional posts. Also, don’t post inappropriate comments. 

9. Providing incomplete information

You should carefully read the instructions and guidelines to avoid any mistakes before filling out the application form. Moreover, adding incomplete or incorrect information to your application is a major offence in the eyes of the admission officer.

They won’t think twice before taking disciplinary action against you if you try to deceive them by writing incorrect information in your application. For example, if you have a criminal record, you should honestly mention it in your application and explain the question with complete honesty.

10. Writing bad essays

Some law schools will ask you to write a law essay or dissertation on a certain topic. It’s a part of their admission process. Even if you have a very strong application, your essay can make or break your chances of getting selected.

Normally, law schools will ask you to write the reason behind choosing their institution in the essay. Therefore, you should write an excellent law essay and answer the question convincingly. Before turning the paper in, thoroughly proofread it, and opt for our law dissertation writing service online. Our experts will analyse your application and will enhance it.


It’s better to hire an expert to help you write an effective application for law school. So, if you a law student who wants to write a brilliant law dissertation or essay to enroll in one the best law schools in the UK; choose Law Essay Teacher or Law Essays Help. Our law dissertation writing service has helped many students turn in high-scoring dissertations. So what are you waiting for? Time’s running out – place your order today!

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